Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Sew & Sew

As it was quite cold for our corner of the Midwest yesterday, we were all quite content to just be at home after church. With the sun streaming into to our bedroom, I decided to get at some sewing again. I don't know why I allow such long breaks in my sewing - I enjoy it so very much!

Last week the clearance area at our JoAnn's Fabrics yielded some wonderful half price treasures, including a length of lovely pink cotton/linen with embroidery. We decided to use it to make new valances for The Dreamer's room. Her old curtains were made of some airy voile that only looked good the day they were washed, starched and ironed ( for hours) - after that they hung limply in a wrinkled mess, due to the humidity we experience here. The Dreamer drew a quick picture of what she wanted, and we bought some bright pink rickrack to compliment and tie them in with her existing pink gingham roman shades. She is really happy with the end result, and so am I! Her Daddy's really happy with the price tag of $7 for two simple lined window treatments ... and hoping this will satisfy her desire for change without having to hire a painter!

They were a bit plain, so I made some roses with the scraps to dress them up a bit! Our Dreamer is very much a girl who likes to accessorize.

I also made some fresh pillow slips from a $1 vintage sheet that was still in it's wrapper. Quick machine embroidery and some thrifted pre-gathered pineapple eyelet lace. Easy!

The Dreamer got inspired as well and brought out her KLUTZ Simple Sewing book and made Miss Mousey Mouse. Isn't she sweet?

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon quietly practicing the home arts while our Historian worked on his online course and our Storyteller visited with each one of us in turn and told us all a story.


  1. Those valances are adorable! Great job!

  2. I enjoyed your post! The curtains came out so nicely and I loved the pillowcases! My sister took me to Joann's today, so I have a bunch of things to make up. Rachel has that KLUTZ project book too! She's really into learning embroidery right now.

  3. adorable! love the roses!

  4. Pretty pretty--great idea.

  5. So cute! You can't bet the price either.

  6. Love the valences, and am so inspired over the roses you created. Great job! :)


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