Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another reason to love homeschooling!

Yesterday, our sweet Dreamer developed a cough. With her asthma, this is always more of a concern, as she just doesn't have the resilience that the rest of us do. Today we had a life skills day instead of doing 'school'. Both children were sewing by hand this morning. The Storyteller created a pouch with help - it is, of course, for carrying bullets for "Pa's GUN" - can you tell he is currently listening to 'Little House in the Big Woods' ???? The Dreamer made a cute strawberry and two darling wee pillows for their stuffed animals.

After lunch, we grabbed the new videos that Grammy and Poppa gave Dreamer for Christmas and cuddled up in our bed with 'Smarties' - chocolate candies (also from Grammy), water and popcorn. We stayed under the blankets all afternoon, greatly exceeding our usual 'screen time' limits!!!! We watched ' By Dawn's Early Light' and the first part of 'The Summer of the Monkeys' - both from 'Feature Films for Families'. We hardly noticed the sleet and hail outside and I think it was the most delightful way to spend a quiet afternoon nursing a sweet girl with a bad cough! It was toasty warm under our old 'sickie quilt'!


'Yes, Bud?'

'I love homeschooling!'

'So do I bud!'

'Is it wrong to hope that Sister doesn't get well toooooo quickly?'

'Yes, Bud.'

'Hmmm .... well, maybe I'll get sick next!'

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  1. Just found this post, it's lovely! When I feel low and unwell I (about once a month) I spend the morning in bed and Sean works on the bed with me. You just can't get this lifestyle anywhere else! I love home schooling too...


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