Friday, January 11, 2008


How can it be Friday already? Where did this week go? I am lost in a world of historical fiction and have let the week slip by with my nose in a book! I am escaping the overwhelming desire to get really down about the circumstances of our daily lives by immersing myself in the pages of books! I don't think about replacing water damaged flooring or figuring out how to work our new t.v. when I'm in another time and place reading about settling Texas or fighting crime in 18th century England. I am not concerned about the leaky roof or the cost of getting our van's transmission replaced when I am reading about being lost in the garden or hiding from unsavory men. I cannot help but smile and sigh when I'm caught up in the story of redemption and love, of unlikely suitors or of love overcoming overwhelming odds to flourish, and my mind is totally relieved of the cares of tomorrow. More vein surgery? It's not even on my mind when my nose is in a book!

I know there are many who would never pick up the types of books I am currently indulging in simply because they are fiction, and that's just fine with me. If you look over my bookshelves, you will see my reading tastes are very well diversified, however right now I am not drawn to theology or how-to. My gardening books sit unopened. Sewing books are lined in neat order, but remain on the shelf. Classics and poetry are left in peace. Only my Bible is left open. For this season, inspirational fiction is the purest form of escape, and I am blessed to have so many good books to read!

The only draw back of all this reading is that our house was rather a shambles when Mrs. Helen came yesterday to help with the cleaning! Taking my nose out of the books long enough to get school done, or make meals isn't a problem, but somehow I overlooked the picking up! She whipped us into shape yesterday and all is well - except for the Dreamer's room, which rather looks like a toy factory exploded. We'll have to work on that. The rest of the house is clean, smells good and you can see most of the surfaces clearly! Even my kitchen counter is cleaned off and sparkling!

Lately, my creative abilities have been somewhat repressed by all of the unsettling circumstances of life that we have faced. The trouble with not regularly exercising my creative muscles is that I tend to loose my confidence in trying to accomplish something that makes my heart sing. Some of the books I am reading are spurring me on to some creative ideas in the area of sewing, and the description of a room in one of my reading escapes has given me some ideas for our rooms. Fuel for creativity can be found in the most unlikely places, I find! I am hoping that soon our lives will calm just enough to give me time to create once again, but in the mean time, I am so grateful that God has gifted so many to author books that take me away, encourage my heart, expand my ideas, and inspire my creativity.

So if you're looking for me, I'll be curled up with a hot cup of tea, a cozy throw, and a nice bit of fiction on my lap!


  1. Fiction is a great way to "escape". I'm reading a D.E. Stevenson right now -- she wrote about 1930/40's England and Scotland. Simple, but fun. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I love to read inspirational fiction! My time is limited since I have a little one around, but it always feels good to get lost in a book for a little while!

  3. reading is one of the great joys in my life so i understand how you are wanting to just become lost in a good book. i don't have as much time to read as i once did, specially now that sweetpea has decided that naps are a bygone thing but when i get the chance i'm in a good book and reading to my heart's content.

  4. I'm glad to know so many kindred readers! I think I know too many 'fiction snobs' who would never lower themselves to reading such fluff - which is too bad because they are missing some really lovely stories!

    I don't have a lot of extra time either .... but reading in bed into the wee hours is one of my great weaknesses! No self-discipline here ladies!!!

    Thank you all for sharing my passion for the printed word!

  5. Now I know where the term "makes my heart sing" which recently came into our family, comes from.

    Seems there recently was a 3/4 caret diamond ring that made Grammy's "heart sing". So naturally it was purchased and makes her heart "sing."

    Because there is so much "stuff" in all of our lives, it is important that we hear some music, and start "singing" again. Even the harmonica music at Der Restraunt made our hearts "sing" recently.

    The noise of the World around us is deafening. And in our world of continual commotion, we all need time to seek internal devotion. I'm glad you find it in books Heather.

    Phil Cross heads Poet Voices, a S.G. Quartet He writes some very profound, Heaven centered lyrics. One song that continues to amaze my imagination and heart is "Is This Wedding Music We Hear?"
    The noise/commotion in today's world perhaps is symbolic of the wedding prelude. We are looking for the Marriage of the Lamb to be sure. And won't that be amazing music?

    Keep up the good job you are doing honey. Glad to hear the van is fixed, the roof is repaired, the floor will get repaired, the carpet is re-laid, and many things are in balance. Even the fiction !.

    Love Ya all.

  6. I am the same way when it comes to a good book! Enjoy your cozy reading time, these cold winter months are the perfect time to relax!

  7. Oh boy, can I ever relate to you and your books!!! I've been known to be so "into" a book, that I find myself PRAYING for the characters!!! Yes, I know, that's a bit much!! HAHAHHAHA!!! Mr. U will graciously remind me that "it's only a book" and pull me back into the real world. HAHAHAH!!!

    I do LOVE a good read. It's fun to be able to "travel" to another time period, if only for a few hundred pages. :)

    Mrs. U

  8. There is nothing wrong with some escape-ism! I firmly believe we must feed our creativity as well as our bodies and souls. I also understand about flooring problems, leaky roofs and car trouble. This too shall pass. Now, go put on another pot of tea!

    Love your blog.

  9. I love reading, always did. I think I got it from my dad.
    I just finished a book called holiness by JC Ryle. It is the best book I have ever read bar the Bible.

    At the moment I am reading 'The Jerusalem Sinner Saved' by John Bunyan (Puritan Paperbacks) This too, I am enjoying.

    I just like to sit beside my fire reading, or in my bed, anywhere so long as it is quiet!

    I seem to remember you mentioning that you like reading about the Puritans?

    Happy reading... and relaxing!



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