Monday, January 7, 2008

A Tiny Taste of Spring!

It is almost 60 degrees outside and breezy - the snow is gone and our children are outside without jackets ... flying kites! The heat is off and the doors and windows are wide open, and I am so very very blessed. Between the delicious scent of my window sill Paperwhites, and the fresh earthly scent of spring like air, I think I must be dreaming! Now, off to rescue the kite that just went into a tree ... how fun!

"Mama! Please come! My kite is hung up like a piece of laundry!"


  1. We are having springish weather as well! I can't believe it!

  2. I told the kids this morning that we'd just have to love it while we have it - and get outside!!!! It was just wonderful!

  3. Yes, the weather has really been nice around here lately, also.


  4. We brought it back home with us too Heather. We had a thunder and lightening display last night that was as lively and wonderful as a summer night show.

    Your paperwhites have come along so nicely.

    Luv ya !!!!!

  5. Beautiful flowers! Enjoy your spring weather!
    P.s. I will try and figure out the Webkinz friend list soon, it sounds like fun!


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