Sunday, January 6, 2008

Quietly at home ....

Yesterday I came upon a quote that suits me well today:

Winter is the time for comfort - it is the time for home.
-Edith Sitwell

Today has been an at home Sunday for the children and I, as they are both fighting colds. We have a 'no public exposure' policy when it comes to running noses and obvious cold symptoms since we don't care to share our germs with others - I often wish many others had the same policy!!! Last Sunday the church was full of folks with deep coughs, runny nosed children and those with head colds, so it is no wonder to me at all that our children are now a little bit sick! They are also missing their Poppa and Grammy, who left for home yesterday morning, and that makes us all a bit blue. We love to see them come and hate to see them leave, so you know how much they are loved. We have also just finished packing up the Christmas decorations and put them up in the attic for another year - what a job! The house is looking a bit bare and in need of some tender loving care! All of these things combined with our rainy day have made it the perfect day for staying close to home.

The other major factor is that the 'ker-chunk' sound our van was making really is big bad trouble - as in we need a new transmission! Ouch! So we really are 'grounded' until we can do some comparison shopping and find a more reasonable estimate. Doesn't $3000 for a re-built transmission sound like a lot? Our Honda Odyssey is just 5 years old and has 152,000 km on the odometer. Our last Honda had over 220,000 miles and was still going strong with no major repairs - just many many brake jobs when we lived in the mountains! I'm praying that we'll be able to find a way to fix it more reasonably.

I received three new cookbooks for Christmas - and I bought myself one at Sam's that I had my eye on - so now it is time to be looking over the recipes and trying new things for the New Year. I'm not going to try to be quite as ambitious as other January's since I am facing another vein procedure this week which will most assuredly slow me down a bit! I am still making my list and dreaming up new ways to make supper fun for our family, and more economical too!

I am so proud of my Historian - he is going back to school beginning tomorrow! Thankfully he doesn't even need to leave home to do it! He is taking an online course to gain a certificate in Genealogical Research / Librarianship and American Records through the National Genealogical Institute and University of Toronto. Each course is 6-8 weeks and he is taking them two at a time - so in roughly 2 1/2 to 3 years he should have it completed! It makes me want to get started on a few courses that I have been itching to do - the Master Gardener programs have always fascinated me. I think right now I have enough on my plate, but I am always wanting to learn and find new areas of interest.

On Tuesday I expect to get the results of my blood work, and I am anxious to know how my liver is faring. I am very hopeful that the Mannatech I am still faithfully taking is making a difference! I would love to be completely healed from liver disease, but even a little improvement will be a great encouragement.

My husband had just cued up the Italian music to go with the supper he is cooking! I'd better go and see if I can be helpful!


  1. I like that quote a lot too! it's nice to be home and feel like that's the best place to be!

    The course your husband is pursuing sounds so fascinating!!!

    Enjoy those cookbooks!

  2. It's always good to be at home. We bought a 7 seater Pajero last year for 3,000 euros!!! Still on the road... just about! God bless.


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