Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Long Road Home

The children and I are back home and resting up from our very long journey. Our Historian was very happy to see us home safely, and happy to have the house filled with noise of little people once again. I think he was getting tired of conversing with one very vocal cat, Mr. Peppermint!

We had two very pleasant visits on our trip home - one planned by us, and one completely unexpected - but surely planned by God! We stopped first in our old home town to visit dear friends who live on the most pleasant hill farm in the world, I'm sure! We visited outside and gazed down the hill at a sweet little lake. The children loved getting re-acquainted with their two boys, and meeting the chickens and tiny kittens. It was a lovely afternoon of catching up!

On our way across country, trying to avoid the main road weekend traffic, we met with a detour - which took us very close to another friend's home. I felt terrible dropping in unexpectedly at dinner time no less, but after praying I felt the Lord prompting us to stop! I am so glad that we did! Our friends have 6 beautiful children - two of whom we had never met, though we have prayed through the obstacles to their adoptions with our friends daily. It has been 2 years since we saw this precious family, and we were so blessed to spend some time with them! We are so excited to know that they will be heading in our direction in November and have promised to try to visit our humble home!

We were much later getting away than I had planned so we started right away looking for vacancy signs at the various hotels we encountered. The hotels were few and far between, and the big red NO signs were discouraging! I was beginning to tire out, but we kept going, hoping and praying we would find a place of rest. The children fell asleep and I just kept driving - praying for strength and alertness. It was very very late before we found a place to stay - an old dump of a place with greatly elevated 'weekend' rates, but we took it! We tumbled in to bed and finally slept.

At 5 a.m. our Storyteller awoke with intestinal distress and after a number of trips to the washroom, back rubs and prayer, he finally fell back to sleep, briefly. We got up and exited the motel (even more shabby by daylight) and began our 'bathroom to bathroom' journey home! Thankfully our hour+ wait at the Border went smoothly and he was able to keep a cheerful attitude despite his 'bouncy' tummy. I haven't been fond of public washrooms since my own childhood, but I was certainly grateful for their frequency on our way home. Thankfully the last few hours, he was back to normal and feeling fine, and today you would never know he had a tummy upset yesterday! No messes in the car either - so much to be thankful for!

The kitchen counter is blessed with many garden tomatoes, so I best rest up and get ready to blanch and freeze or perhaps a few batches of pasta sauce - we'll see how ambitious I feel. Today we are putting everything away and resting - the kids are finding places for their 'treasures' and playing with their toys. We have weeds everywhere - an overwhelming crop of them! I will have to figure out how to deal with them - tomorrow!

For now, it is just great to be home!


  1. Welcome home, Heather!
    Your trip sounded like it was a blessing for all of you. It is always good to be home though. I have prayed that your body will be rested and refreshed after such a busy trip.
    Blessings, Patty

  2. i am glad you made it home safe and sound =) one thing i appreciated about being in the states is the frequency of public washrooms available. i'm not too fond of them myself but i can certainly sympathise with your wee storyteller. i had a similar experience and ended up being sick all the way from "smallsville", n. carolina to orlando, fla.

    lol, i think you took the hot weather back with you to your home! if you could, please send a wee bit of it back ;)

  3. Thank you Patty - my body does need rest! I am so glad this is the Lord's day and I don't feel the need to dive right in to all the work I see around me! I appreciate your prayer support.

    Sea Dreamer - I was ever so grateful for clean restrooms - I almost took another hotel and stopped over until his tummy was better, but he just wanted to get on home - and he gave me enough notice for stops that we all made it just fine! What a blessing!

    As for hot weather - it is hot an humid in my wee corner of the Midwest, and if I had any power to 'send it' to some one in need of such a climate - believe me, I would! I loved the cooler air we were experiencing in Northern Ontario! I just melt on humid days!


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