Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes

Thank God for the dirty dishes,

They have a story to tell,

And ... by the stack I have,

It seems we are living very well.

While people in other countries are starving,

I haven't the heart to fuss,

For by this stack of evidence,

God's awfully good to us!

We've been looking through my Mum's old handwritten cookbook and came across this poem. She is not sure where it came from or whom to give author's credit to, but I thought it might be a good reminder here. I know that when I am faced with a stack of dirty dishes after a satisfying meal I sometimes groan, but really, I ought to be thankful. I'm thinking I'll have Dreamer and Storyteller learn this poem too!


  1. That is a sweet little poem, Heather.


  2. I should post that beside my sink! We don't have a dish washer so I tend to grumble on a daily basis!~smile~

  3. As dirty dishes seem only multiply here in our home of six, I have much, much, much to be thankful for...


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