Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beauty at the Beach

Grammy & the Dreamer

After two weeks of afternoons at the beach, I have some 'beauty tips' to pass along!

  • Moisturize! You'd think that spending time in the WATER would keep your skin well hydrated, but it is actually very drying - combined with the sun and wind, you could be looking ten years older in no time! Moisturize before and after beach time.
  • Cover up! I'm serious - pick a swim suit that covers you, please! I know modest swim suits are few and far between, but they can be found! It is hard to explain to a 7 year old boy why someone would choose to let it all hang out at the beach. Even if you are built like a supermodel, please be modest. Most of us ARE NOT supermodels! Help mothers of little boys and girls everywhere who are trying to teach them to be modest. Please.
  • Sunscreen - a good natural sunscreen is a must for our family. I know there are many opposed to sunscreen because of the chemicals that our bodies absorb from it, but having seen skin cancer first hand, I will take my chances with chemicals rather than risking sunburn. We love the oatmeal based sunscreen from Kiss My Face , but just use something! Apply and re-apply.
  • Forget your nail polish or go clear. You can't build a sandcastle without messing up your manicure, so avoid chipped paint by forgetting about it and dig in with your kids!
  • Rashguards are cool and keep you covered - and they dry instantly and look great - excellent for picking out your children when there is a crowd at the beach.
  • Big floppy hats and sun glasses - even better coverage!
  • Ice cold water - again, you'd think spending all that time in the water would be enough, but bring lots of water to drink - no sense turning into a sun dried tomato!
  • Salty snacks - a beauty tip you say? Yes! How else are you going to get those kids to drink the water?
  • Towel off - a must around here if you wish to avoid swimmer's itch. Itchy red bumps are never very pretty.
  • Drink in the beauty of God's creation and enjoy a rest for your soul - evidence of our loving Creator can be found - even at the beach!


  1. Those are great tips, Heather! Some of the bathing suits out there are pretty amazing..and not in a good way! LOL
    I like the salty food tip too. :0)

  2. Kelli - healthy salty snack of course - most moms seem to bring big bags of chips! We are bringing cheese crackers and nuts to keep them drinking!

    Michele - rash guards are the surfer style shirts - they are made of quick dry fabric and they have no under arm sems - hence the name - no under arm irritation. We got ours from Land's End Overstocks - in the middle of winter!


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