Sunday, August 26, 2007

Restful Sunday

We are having a restful Sunday - something I truly need. It has been a busy week! We are planning to start our home school year Monday! I was hoping to get more organized before we begin, but I am still facing a long 'to do' list. With the heat and humidity we have been experiencing this past week, I have had even less energy than usual.

We had a lot of running around and errands to do early in the week and tried to get to them in the mornings since that was coolest. It was too hot for the children to play outdoors much so they have had extra energy and no place to use it! The outdoor pools are closed for the season but we did spend one nice cool afternoon at the YMCA for a free swim.

We had our homeschooling assessment this week and that was very encouraging. There are some areas where we need to work harder, and I need to be more organized. It was a good learning time for me, since our assessor gave me many helpful suggestions and ideas. It helped me to get excited about our school year and to make some concrete curriculum decisions.

On Thursday night I enjoyed a home school mom's night out with 3 friends. It is so nice to laugh and talk together. We used to all be in the same home school co-op, but that group has dissolved. Since we still enjoy each other's company we meet periodically for these fun evenings! We usually close the restaurant! I am always tired the next day, but it is worth it! It is so wonderful how God has put these friendships in place for me. They provide support and encouragement - what a blessing! These dear women love me despite the fact that I'm an uptight perfectionist who can't speak the local lingo and doesn't have a dog or three! Can you believe they actually suggested that my family would survive if I served 'hot pockets'?
Also on Thursday I began to take Mannatech products. I have great hope that they will help my overall health and also support my liver function and give me more energy. I have read many testimonials concerning the benefits people have enjoyed taking Mannatech, and I was impressed with the amount of research behind the development of glyconutrients. However, I was very reluctant to begin this intensive program, because of the cost involved. It is horribly expensive at this point because the program for those with serious health concerns requires a lot of products - the maintenance program is less expensive, but still high. After considering and praying about this for a long time, we came to the conclusion that it is worth it if I am feeling better. There is also a 5 month money back guarantee if you don't see results - and there is nothing in it that should hurt me, so there is nothing to loose. The Historian says he would much rather have a healthier wife than our money back, but only time will tell.
Friday afternoon while I was trying to tidy up the house for the weekend I began to experience pain in almost every fiber of my being. That all over kind of body aching flu pain. Since I don't have any other flu symptoms, I am assuming this is something else. I don't think it is the result of taking Mannatech, but I just don't know. I went with the family to homeschool soccer yesterday morning, but have been very tired since then. I hope and pray I feel relief soon, but I'm thankful that I can just stay home and rest.
The humidity is almost gone and the day has been pleasant and cooler. It is so wonderful to open the windows and hear the birds and peepers. There is a big 'fly-in' this weekend and the old planes have a very distinctive hum. The coolness in the air reminds me of Michigan and the Macinac Bridge Walk. Lord willing, we will be in Macinaw City one week from today and ready to walk the bridge on Labour Day morning. I am praying for health and strength to do it! Since this is an important family tradition, I don't want to miss it!
So that's our week and weekend in a nutshell!
As the weather cools down, I am getting excited about some new recipes. Fall is a time for me to get back into the kitchen and be more creative again. We've eaten a lot of simple meals - mainly grilled with cold side dishes - and lots of raw fruits and veggies. I have a lot more home grown tomatoes to deal with, so as soon as I am feeling better I need to get blanching and freezing.
I still have a long list of home projects to work on and I feel the need to do some re-arranging of furniture and such to make our home better suited to our schoolwork needs. There is a rocking chair that I plunked in a corner 2 years ago and I've never liked where it is - it needs to move! I need energy for these projects, but it is always fun to dream big! I serve a big God and He will provide the strength to accomplish what is important in my quiet little life!

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  1. Hi Heather!!! You simply AMAZE me!! I hear you mention every once in a while that you don't feel well and then you talk about how busy your family is!!! The Lord is surely your strength!! He definitely gives you the energy when it is needed, doesn't He? :)

    I will be praying for you. I will pray that this new medicine will help your liver, give you strength and heal you!! God can do all things!!

    Enjoy your first week of homeschooling!

    Mrs. U


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