Friday, August 3, 2007

Running out of days ....

The worst part of a lovely vacation is when you realize that you are rapidly running out of days. We are having such a nice time together and the days are just flying by too quickly. We have spent lots of time at the various beaches and the children have loved every minute.

I think we have enough sand to fill a small sandbox rolling around in the van, but I know that my dad will not let us return home with such a messy van - he has already washed it once or twice and tried to vacuum it out once, but I encouraged him to wait until all of our trips to the beach were over.

The children had a play date at the water with some friends who they enjoy spending time with when we are visiting Poppa and Grammy. We had some lovely company for a salad supper last night and really enjoyed getting to know her a bit more. This afternoon I spent a few lovely childless hours getting re-acquainted with a woman whose friendship I missed out on during our youth and cooling off with triple chocolate fudge ice cream on a shaded porch overlooking the water. The breezes were delicious and I so enjoyed watching the sailboats catching the wind in their sails. I've even been shopping for some fall fabrics to sew when we get home!

Now we are counting the days - and there are not enough left, but we know we must begin to think towards home.

Home sweet home - after all, that's where our much missed Historian is - home!

We must make the most of the days that remain and pack in as many happy memories and we are able! Back to the beach!


  1. I hope that your last few days together are lovely, Heather!!! I have enjoyed hearing about all the fun things you are doing.

  2. Thank you Kelli! We are having a really nice time! I am looking forward to being home - it's just not the same without my hubby!


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