Monday, February 1, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

A big 'thank-you' to Peggy for hosting 'The Simple Woman's Daybook' each week! It's such a great way to start the week with a focus and reflect upon the goodness of God!
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Monday, February 1, 2010
Outside my window...
sunshine!  Bare ground and a whole bunch of robins!!!!  My husband is sure that spring is on it's way!

I grabbed the camera for 'proof' since spotting the first robin is a fun game we play at our house!  The kids and I were the big winner this year since there were more than 15 on our lawn!
I am hearing ...
way too much about Batman and Robin!  The Historian let the Storyteller watch some really old episodes of Batman online and now he's enthralled!

I am thinking ...
superheroes are over-rated! Steadfast, caring husbands rate much higher in my book!

I am thankful for...
sleepy Sunday afternoons!

I am praying for ...
some fellow Company Girls who are struggling with various needs right now!  Rachel's chosen a wonderful 'Small Thing' to start off our month of challenges, and asked us to pray for one another!

I am remembering ...
that this is the first of the month and I have a whole long list of things we need to do! I did remember to give the septic tank it's treatment, but I have filters to change and other things to do! Better get to it!

I am wearing ...
a red turtle neck and blue hoodie with my comfy old jeans. Storyteller and I are going for a walk while sister has her lesson so I need to be extra warm.  I've been having trouble regulating my temperature and keeping warm as I struggle with fatigue.

I am going ...
to rush out the door for piano, ballet and errands later!
I am reading ... 
I just finished 'That Certain Spark' by Kathy Marie Hake and I am looking forward to her next book 'Serendipity' which is due out in August!  Wonderful 'brain candy' for when life gets too serious!
I am hoping ...
that this wonderful sunshine continues!  It energizes me even on days when my liver and I are not getting along well!

On my mind ...
I need to be working harder to take Deuteronomy 6:6ff more to heart and include more of the Lord in our everyday conversations with the children.

From the learning rooms ...
we are hard at work on a creative project! The AWANA Grand Prix is coming up quickly and we have cars to paint!  Other learning has taken a bit of a backseat, but as soon as the cars are done, we'll be back to work!  The Storyteller just began 'The Dark Ages' in history.

Noticing that...
the last wee bits of snow are no match for the sunshine!

Pondering these words...

Nanananana.... BATMAN! 

 Just being real here folks!

From the kitchen...  Are you ready for a laugh?  On our menu this month (and for the next 4 or 5 months) is pork, pork, pork and a side of ... pork!  Last weekend we picked up our freshly butchered and processed pork, and let me tell you - those hogs were FAT! 600 pounds of freshly frozen chops, bacon, sausage, hams, steaks, roasts, and hocks!  My oh my! You might say we are in antibiotic/hormone free 'hog heaven'.  Last time the hogs weighed in at 400 pounds so this was quite a shock!  Not surprisingly, the bacon is a bit more fatty this time ... we're going to have to talk to Farmer Nick and see what he's feeding his pigs! Can you see why I am praying for no power outages and considering how to squeeze a generator into the budget these days?
I did make yummy blueberry muffins for breakfast, but they are long gone! 

I am creating ... 
a plan for this week!  It seems like there is a lot of my plate and we are adding something new to the mix - Dreamer has longed for drawing classes for a long time and now has the opportunity to do just that!
Around the house ...
I need to clean the bathrooms and the floors need some care!

One of my favorite things ...
I always have trouble with this one, but I guess I would say having the right tool for the job is quite a blessing!  The kids are thrilled that I have the brushes and paints to make their cars for the Grand Prix. It's nice to be well supplied!
A few plans for the rest of the week..... a bit of cleaning for every room in prepartion for very special company Sunday, some catching up with Mount Ironmore, school, Art Class, AWANA, ballet, piano, Homeschool Co-op on Thursday and the AWANA Grand Prix on Saturday!  Next week we will be having a Valentine's Party too!

From my picture journal ...

I was a bit disappointed with my  Burpee Seed Starter trays at first- the pellets don't seem to fill the cells like I'd hoped at all - BUT when I transplanted the lettuce on Saturday, the roots were lovely and very hardy. Yeah Burpee!  My Poppa David loved getting seed from Burpee for his wonderful garden, so the gardener's tradition continues!

Have a great week!

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  1. Robins !!!! Bah Humbug !!!!
    All we have is snow, and lots of S N O W !!!!
    Changed the oil Sat. afternoon - washed the car - don't know quite why, but it was clean for an hour or two.
    Our chickadees are busy fattening up on my sunflower seeds. Nothing hardy enough to plant yet for sure.
    See you soon

  2. I love robins very much. Each year as a child in Wisconsin, facing snow, we all heralded the arrival of the first pretty robins. Hurray for spring.

  3. I love this idea of the Simple Womans Day Book, I did it when I started my blog a while ago and then forgot about it. It's great to think these things through even if you don't blog.

    How lovely to see those robins - there are so many, I do hope it's a sign spring is on it's way.


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