Friday, February 26, 2010

Fever and Chills


Our Storyteller is an in-your-face, up-close and personal kind of guy - in a good way!  He touches my heart when he lays his hand gently on my arm when he talks to me!  The downside of  his tactile personality is that he touches everything and picks up germs - and gets lots of colds.  We have trained him in the fine art of hand washing - more than once!  We carry hand sanitizer and use it, but try not to overuse it. He still picks up germs - and shares them, usually with me. Part of this whole liver condition is a fragile immune system, and I often feel much worse than he does when we are suffering with the same germs.

This week started out pretty well, with Storyteller suffering from a light head cold and some achy-ness, but as usual, he was cheerful and active and able to do his work. Things got rough when he passed it on - our Historian has a sore throat but is able to work, and I've got the full blown nastiness, complete with fever and chills!  I am spending a lot of time sleeping. Today I am up and about, but barely.  I showered and stripped the beds, threw in a load of wash and decided a long nap was in order!  So, no tasty treat for our Company Girl Coffee or pictures of our week today, but we will soldier on!  Dreamer, who is gratefully well and holding down the fort here are home, has butter softening on the counter to make cookies and has kept us well supplied in 4 flavors of Jello, crushed ice, juice popsicles, and lots of water.  She is also keeping up with her schoolwork!  We might even be up to a quiet family night, but we'll see.  
I'm off to take another nap.

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  1. GREAT job dreamer.

    Keep up the good care of mommy 'cause we ALL REALLY NEED HER.

    Love Ya Lots and Lots.


  2. Get lots of rest, and how lovely you are being so tenderly cared for, with jello and cookies, just what the doctor, or granma, prescribed.
    Get well soon.

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  4. She's doing a GREAT job Poppa, she folded that washing and even mopped the sunroom and kitchen floors! Mr. Minty made a mess with his litterbox so she cleaned that up too! She took the garbage to the curb this morning and brought it back in when the garbage service called to let us know they won't be picking up because of the 'blizzard' today! She's been a great help! I don't know what I'd do without our Dreamer - she is a blessing! She even had time to read a bit, do a little doodling and hug her handsome brother when he was carrying his warm from the dryer sheets! He was fresh from a bath after a haircut by mama and the sheets were toasty and cuddly!

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    The stuff going around is horrible.

    Hmmm... Christopher is tactile. Perhaps that is why he brings home all those germs?


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