Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now, don't you worry about us!

I know that sometimes when I don't blog for a while some of my sweet friends get a bit worried about our little family, so I'm just dropping in to say we are just fine!  We have a lot of snow and more to come, accompanied by high winds and drifting, but all in all we are well provided for!  Our Historian works for the Wal*Mart of libraries so they rarely close - he's up to his usual routine!

Dad and Mum had a good trip with clear roads and arrived Sunday night.  Monday was busy with all of our usual stuff along with my annual physical and an orange and grapefruit run for the Historian.  Dad has been busy today resurrecting our old snowblower and running errands.  I've been doing school and making quick simple meals, and Mum has been tackling Mount Ironmore and trying to keep warm - bless her heart!

The kids are enjoying having Poppa and Grammy here, but were struggling with some bad attitude!  I guess they figured that'd be getting off school while Mum and Dad are here - and it doesn't help that the local schools have been closed for three days!  We've been staying up a bit later too and getting slow starts in the morning!  As you can see, when we do finally get through school - Storyteller is out loving the snow! Thankfully he is over his cold and can get out. We need to work on his snow fellow building skills - this was to be a Heron.  We are studying the rain forests and jungles of the world in social studies right now, so he's got birds on the brain! This snow is lighter than our last batch which is now frozen solid, so it is harder to mold into shapes!

I guess that is all for now!  Keep warm and well.

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  1. Yes, when the schools were closed for snow days we always did less than usual. Most of Christopher's neighborhood friends were in the public schools.

    It was strange not knowing where he was last night. He had a few options where to stay in town. At age twenty, he didn't need Mommy calling to ask how he was.

    Thankfully, he keeps in touch when he's going to be driving home.


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