Friday, February 19, 2010

Company Girl Coffee - Quiet joys

Welcome Company Girls and other friends!  I can hardly believe it is Friday again! It's been a pretty quiet week because of snow cancellations, but there have been some special blessings that I thought I'd share with you today!

We have been blessed with some terrific sunsets out the front window this week.  It is so pleasant to see the sun during the day and the sunset in the evening!  Have you noticed that the days are lengthening already? 

Our kitchen is a fragrant place these days!  Though I have not had the energy for much baking, we are enjoying the sweet fragrance of this lovely pink striped hyacinth - a gift from the Historian for Valentine's Day. It is like a sweet breath of springtime - especially welcome when we gaze at the foot of snow still on the ground.  I won't even talk about the snow white stuff in the forecast!

Another delight - bright cheery pink birthday flowers from a dear friend!  I love kalanchoes because they are prolific bloomers and have such wonderfully green almost succulent leaves.  They remind me of waxy begonias which I enjoy so very much in my summer garden!

Another delight for this week - something new to keep my hands busy while I listen to reading practice or while the kids work 'independently' but I need to stay available.  Mum brought another little bag of nice cotton yarn leftovers and I decided to try another teddy bear cardigan!  

I've been doing a lot of reading aloud to our Storyteller on the couch.  He has suffered with a mildly upset tummy and chills for three days this week.  Though he has remained his usual cheerful self, he hasn't been keen on doing much school work.  I push as far ahead as I dare and than dangle the 'reading carrot' to get through just one more subject!  Thankfully, he hasn't gotten too far behind and now we are way ahead on our reading schedule.  He is loving this book - and was very excited to learn that there are 5 in the series! Thank you Heather of Blackberry Rambles for the great reading suggestions!

Another fun part of the week was the long awaited arrival of our box of books.  The children have moved ahead pretty quickly with their school favorite subjects so it was time for another book order! It's almost like Christmas around here when new books come - because of course, there is always more than just 'school books' in the box!

I am so happy to say that Dreamer and I have walked every day this week - in home walking with Leslie Sansone  has been a blessing since getting out to walk with all the snow has been impossible.  Since our Storyteller was not up to walking with us, we've just been having fun walking the 2 mile each day together!  We tried the jogging mile on Wednesday, but though we both finished, we both felt it - in every muscle!  So, we'll try that again another time - maybe after we master the 3 mile! Spring training for Dreamer - softball is coming sooner than we think! For myself, I am walking for better fitness and the constant battle for weight loss. Thankfully, we both love walking!

This week I've been catching up on my mending - I even put in two new pants zippers, which I hate to do, but I was so pleased to get those garments off my sewing table!  We need to make a run to the quilting  fabric shop for a bit more fabric so that I can finish Dreamer's quilt top and I want my sewing table to be free and clear for when I am able to get that project completed!  She is anxious too!

I've been very tired after such a productive and fun time last week with Dad and Mum, but than I look at all of the things we've accomplished this week and I think we've done pretty well under the circumstances!  Today I was inspecting my lettuce and chive plants - they are so ready to go out into the garden  - the same garden that is under 12" of snow!!!  I was out with the shovel breaking up clumps of ice and throwing them into the path of sunlight - there is heat in those late winter rays and I have every hope that spring is just around the corner!

I do hope your weekend is a time of blessing for you and your family! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Wow! Lots going on! I like your hyacinth! :) Isn't the smell delicious?

  2. Goodness, I'm tired just from reading about your busy, fun-filled life. Loved your pictures and all the best for a happy week-end!

  3. You must be feeling well!

    When we were homeschooling, we used to say the UPS guy was our best friend. Whenever a new box of books came along, there was nothing else getting done that day.

    We used Sonlight two different years, you should have seen us when THAT box came in. :)

  4. Your blog is beautiful and I just love those photos of the snow (I live in Australia where it is currently hot and dry) - they have a peacefulness about them. Hyacinths smell wonderful, I grow them during winter in our garden along with daffodils.

  5. Sounds like you've had a nice, easy, productive week. I hope your Storyteller gets to feeling better soon! Your flowers are beautiful....thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow! What a productive week! I am ready to get out in our finally pretty weather. I have already warned one of mine that he has to go run with me tomorrow if it stays pretty. Now he will probably pray for more snow! :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  7. I love the first picture you shared...the snowy sunset looks amazing. We don't get snow, here in the desert. :( So, I'm enjoying yours from a distance!! ;)

    I’ve passed along a Beautiful Blogger Award to you. If you like, you may collect it here:

  8. How nice to have such a good view of the sunsets! I woke up early on V's day and caught a glimpse through the houses of the prettiest sunrise -- all valentine colors. :)

    I'm glad the Raider's book is being enjoyed! And that you have some knitting!! I'm just getting to the end of my very first adult-sized cardigan. Can't wait to finish. And Rachel and I got the baby quilt started on Saturday. We're pretty pleased with it so far.


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