Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are enjoying the silence of our winter storm - the quieting blanket of snow muffles the sounds of everything, even the plow and sander.  The road is in decent shape, but everything has been canceled or postponed as we all dig out.  

The Historian is having a bit of trouble getting the snow blower going, but hopefully it will be running soon, since he has a request for a nice big fort building pile!  Both children are still sound asleep, but the Historian has been up and taking some pictures of our beautiful landscape!

I am enjoying my breakfast of chocolate brioche - inspired by Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse!  She made a rich bread dough and added chocolate last week - beautiful picture HERE. It looked good enough to eat!  Mine?  Not so photogenic, but yummy!

 Since I'm in the front room, this is my point of view!  Occasionally there are cars going by, but it is so quiet and peaceful - I can't even hear them!  With all the big windows in this room, it is a tad chilly, so I may have to take my tea and bread and go to the family room to enjoy the silent morning!  We are so blanketed, I may not even be able to hear the snow blower when it starts!

I hope you are keeping warm and well and that you enjoy the blessings of you weekend - 
whatever they may be!

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  1. I saw that snow was still heading your way. Stay warm. :)

  2. wow, these pictures are so beautiful..I know its cold, but wow, amazing..

  3. Agree--these are lovely photos! We are in NE PA and sad to say, we did not see one tiny flake! We moved here to experience lovely, snowy winters, but this year has not yielded much! We are told we should have a nice snowfall on Wednesday---we'll see. Though i wonder if that may bring just a bit too much down your way?? Thanks for sharing these. Found your link on Home Sanctuary ;0)!

  4. what lovely snow...
    looks like what's outside,

    how much longer till spring?


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