Friday, February 5, 2010

Company Girl Coffee & A Winter Storm!

Welcome!  I'm glad you could make it!  The roads are too not bad yet, but the sidewalks and parking lots are pretty slushy and slick!  I've got a pot of Creme de la Earl Grey on keeping hot but there are no fresh baked cookies to be had!  We're planning to bake a little later, but is seemed more prudent to get our errands taken care of this morning since we are anticipating 6-12 inches of the fluffy white stuff we love! We've been to the pharmacy, library and grocery for our fresh produce, and now we are home sweet home.  We thought to tie a rope from our house to the Historian's workplace this morning, but decided we'd just have to pray him home safe this evening!

This is the view from the furnace room window of our back patio - so pretty and inviting! I am afraid that this is going to be hard on our Storyteller, though, since he is just full of a cold and will not be able to spend long hours out of doors.  The snow is really quite pretty - but those big flakes hold lots of moisture and so it is sloppy and wet.  Great for snowman making, but almost a guaranteed soaking, even with great snow pants and  heavy coats!Short of wrapping him in plastic, I cannot contrive a way of keeping him completely dry, so he is in!  He hasn't even whined about it yet, so I think he is pretty under the weather.  He'll be more upset when he is better and it is gone without him having played in it!

If the weather doesn't delay our plans, tomorrow is our AWANA Grand Prix and the kids have been hard at work!  I found that using painter's tape on waxed paper makes for great peal and stick stencils for painting Storyteller's car - which is great because he is not good at the detail painting, but wanted a replica of Jeff Burton's 2010 racecar!  It's almost done now! Dreamer chose to copy Herbie the LoveBug, but the shape of her car is a little different. My car - dubbed the 'Funkmobile' - is pink 'tie dye', glittery, and a convertible, so that Flora (made from a wooden clothes peg) can enjoy the wind in her hair!  All we need now is wheels and that's a job for the Historian when he gets home!

As you can see, Dreamer lined them up by our verse of the week on the kitchen counter!  I smiled at your comments last week about our verse board!  It is just a dollar store chalk board that has been in our home forever!  It is hacked up (the snowflakes are a cover-up) and lacks a pretty frame!  Like many of you, I would like to walk into Goodwill and find the 'perfect' pretty frame to make into a kitchen chalk board, but in the meanwhile, my 'use what you have on hand' philosophy suits me just fine.  I used a 50% coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase the chalk markers (they are pricey) and I just clean it off and put up a new verse every week or so, right in the kitchen where I can't help but ponder it while I work away making meals and tidying up!

Speaking of tidying up, that's what we need to be doing, along with some baking to fill that empty cookie jar!  Poppa has a flu bug, so things are up in the air as far as a visit from Poppa and Grammy, but we are going to be prepared in case Poppa has a fast recovery and is able to make their planned trip - even if it has to be postponed by a day! It is such a long trip, and with the variable winter weather, we have to hope for the best, but be flexible!

I hope your weekend is a blessing, whatever you find yourself doing!  Thanks for dropping by! Folks on our road are driving at a snail's pace, so do keep safe! It must be getting a bit slick out there!

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  1. Bur-r-r-r-r, looking at your pictures freezes me. I'm freezing here in good ole Louisiana and we've not a drop of the white stuff. I love your verse board just he way it is and love how Dreamer "decked" it out for you. How cute! A happy week-end to you and your sweet family. Blessings galore!

  2. Brrr. A heavy, wet snowfall is just the excuse to stay inside with a book! Prayers for safe travel are winging your way.

    LOVE that verse - so need to be reminded that God does not change character; if it seems He has, something is wrong with our thinking.

    I hope your AWANA club gives out prizes for best decorated as well as fastest - your cars are darling!

  3. I live in the midwest too and your pictures look like what I am seeing outside my window. It was a little tricky getting out to work at the school this morning...must say I am getting a bit tired of the snow.

  4. I was very relieved when Christopher made it home from campus this evening. It has been snowing since mid-morning and the winds are to pick up tonight.

    Makes for difficult travel here in the country.

    Now that all are home, I'm ready to hibernate. :)

  5. Happy baking! I love to bake anyways, but when there is snow falling it is that much sweeter. Stay warm!

  6. Have fun at the Grand Prix. Our church is having the Pinewood Derby and Chili Cookoff soon, and I'm looking forward to that. Hope Poppa gets well soon. It looks like a lot of people are coming down with stuff. Take care over there. It looks mighty cold.

  7. Your Bible verse chalk board idea is brilliant. It looks like your car race is set to go. Have fun. It is a wet stormy day here and I am going to exercise in a warm pool this morning.

  8. Seeing all that snow is pictures! lol! It makes me glad I live in Texas! I don't think I could handle cold and wet like that. I hope everyone makes it to their destinations safe and sound.
    Stay warm!

  9. Dear mommy
    guess where this comment is from
    poppas ipod
    see you soon
    did story teller read another story to grammy?


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