Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Urning' it's keep!

When all of the Christmas stuff at Goodwill was 1/2 off in July, I spied this urn filled with really cheesy sparkly poinsettias. It was heavy, but I snatched it up! $7 seemed a bit high, but then I spied the $69 Target price tag still on it, so I was happy.

When I got home, I disposed of the poinsettias and put them aside to re-donate. I wasn't sure about the 'blown in foam', but I left it for now and just vacuumed off the red and black sparkles. It turned out to be the perfect place to perch a grapevine pumpkin for fall.

For Christmas, I plunked a fresh 'made by Heather' evergreen wreath on it, and 'shopped' the yard for sticks! It was too cold to spray them white and add glitter, but I like the natural look just fine anyway! It's perched upon an overturned black plastic plant pot which has a bit of burlap hot glued to it - I 'shopped' the shed for both!

So, I wonder how I should transform this urn for spring ... but for now, I'm just enjoying it 'as is'!

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  1. I love how that looks!

    I had something similar happen recently with the Christmas shortbread mold I bought earlier this year. I had paid about $5.00 for it, which is high for such things at Goodwill but it was so unique.

    Recently, I saw the exact mold in the King Arthur Baker's catalog for $36.00! Since it was brand new (it still had the original recipe booklet attached), that was a great deal.

    Don't you love Goodwill?


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