Friday, December 11, 2009

A December Afternoon

This afternoon, Dreamers friend, Miss L came for a visit! I can't share any pictures, but let's just say, two little brothers are going to be very warm and cozy after December 25th! Both girls did a great job of making some cozy flannel p.j. pants for their younger brothers - I am sure the boys will be as pleased as the girls! We ended the afternoon with some brownies and snickerdoodles, and a little felted flower project. This is the kind of afternoon that makes me feel I am very very blessed to have a daughter who likes to create and craft too! She is entirely blessed to have a friend who likes to make things too! I wish I had had a crafting friend when I was her age - it would have been so fun! I am blessed now though to have sweet friends with various similar interests - kindred spirits all!

Both little brothers were otherwise occupied - our Storyteller went to the Historian's workplace for the afternoon and Miss L's brother went Christmas shopping with his Mom! We know you'll keep this TOP SECRET ... after all Christmas is just two weeks away, and even 9 and 11 year old boys can wait that long!

* The picture is of four dear friends - my mother-in-law is bringing up the rear in the line! This picture was taken about 62 years ago on a wintery hog killing day! My mother-in-law resides in heaven after loosing a courageous battle with cancer 7 years ago - she would have been 78 in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I'm afraid Christopher's sister did not receive a sewing gene when she was born. Did you ever see the Cosby episode where Denise makes Theo a shirt?

    That's a lot what anything Steph tried to sew would look like. :)

  2. i would have LOVED an afternoon like that!!! What fun!!!! And the picture is adorable!


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