Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There is a good reason I don't get out much

When I tell people 'I don't get out much' they generally laugh a bit or at least snicker! An ordinary mother is out a lot more than I am, I know. Many friends can't relate with my stay at home tendency, because, well - they are out and about. Like normal mothers.

I, on the other hand, am at home. A lot. Partly because my energy levels seem to nose dive when I stray too far from home. Partly because I hate shopping unless I am having an awesome time matching coupons with sales at the grocery store and saving big $$$$. That's fun, but tiring. Mostly I stay at home because I am content here. I feel very blessed to be at home, filling the role God has called me to.

I love being a wife, a homemaker, a stay at home mom and a home educator. I would not have time or energy for half the cooking, baking, reading, gardening or crafting I enjoy if I were out more. I want to be at home, and be content at home. I am not agoraphobic. Trust me, I looked it up. I'm fine with people, open places, and being outside, and I don't suffer panic attacks unless I've lost my bank card and find out it's missing in the line at Sam's when my cart is full of stuff.

There is another good reason I enjoy staying at home. My trips away from home are often met with adventure. A women in her forties with a chronic liver condition should generally avoid too much adventure, or at least the kind of adventure that seems to find me!

Take today for example. Except for a family drive to look at Christmas lights, I have not been out in public since December 21st. Yes, that is more than a week. Between Storyteller's heavy cold, Christmas, and my sinus infection, I have been staying pretty close to home. As in, at home. 24/7. Everyone else has been out and about with the Historian from time to time.

I've been at home.

Today, I needed to get out. You probably won't question why. I certainly didn't.

It is 1/2 price day at our Salvation Army Thrift store and I had a list. Good enough reason to get out for me! The kids were so excited, each hoping to find a real 'treasure' too! It was lovely to just be feeling well enough to get out of the house for a change!

We didn't get more than two blocks from home when we started to hear a loud thumping noise. It was our van. We pulled over, close to an auto body shop, with a really flat tire. I did thank the Lord that we didn't develop a flat out on the highway, or out of town, where the Sally Ann is, really I did. I stayed calm, prayed for strength and called my husband, who recommended trying to change the tire. Something I haven't done for um, 20 years, I think. Two helpful kids and the manual in hand, I was up for the adventure! Really, I was!

There was a screw, Philips style, if you need details, sticking out of our really flat tire. We were in the process of digging out the spare when our good Samaritan, Mr. Brad, came out of the auto body shop and offered to help (can you sense my relief and reverent prayers of thanksgiving?). He quickly put on our spare, we thanked Mr. Brad profusely and suddenly, my Historian pulled up in front of the van. He got permission to close up shop for a bit and come to my rescue, but he was too late! He went back to work and the kids and I headed to the closest tire place to have the tire repaired.

Instead of waiting at the tire shop, we walked to Meijer's and went shopping - my least favorite activity, but a great way to avoid the toxic rubber fumes in the tire shop, and kill 1 1/2 hours. Having not seen what Meijer's had for sale before Christmas (because I just don't get out much), can I say the Christmas clearance was a huge disappointment. Ugly at half off is still - ugly. I wasn't in the mood to see 'potential', I guess. There was s ton of stuff on the shelves, but unless you're loving the 'moose lodge meets disco ball glitz' look, there wasn't much. So we wandered and shopped.

The good thing about getting out is that you see things you might not have before. I now know every kind of bullion our Meijer's carries and even found an ingredient I was seeking for my annual January 'trial of new recipes'. The bad thing about getting out is that you spend money that wasn't necessarily necessary. It was a warm place to hang out, so were were thankful for that.

We finally got a call on my cell that the tire was unrepairable.

We limped home on the doughnut tire and we aren't going anywhere until it is fixed.

And that's why there are many good reasons I don't get out much.

If you need me, I'll be at home - thanking God for His goodness and provision, and continuing to cultivate a quiet and contented heart.

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  1. We had two flat tires this past year, both from running over something in the road. Yes, one was a the same kind of screwdriver bit!

    I was at Wal Mart yesterday and perused their Christmas clearances. Came away only with two small white bowls that can be used anytime of the year and a box of turtles (candy) for hubby half price.

    The two of us went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel today (thanks to a gift card) and they have their Christmas items 70% off now. Our C. B. had a lot of very nice things remaining.

    I only spent $3.00 for three Christmas ornaments. I have a small house and smaller budget. :)

    Understand completely about staying home... same here.

  2. I agree with you completely about staying home. Even though our children are grown, I am still a stay at home wife/mother/grandmother. Some people think that I should want to work out side of the home, what can I find to do all day. I just smile to myself and think about all of the baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, etc. There is always plenty to do.

  3. Oh, I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down! Ugh, make that double ugh, on the tire. Thankful you're all safe!

  4. You are just right staying at home. I go out too much sometimes but there are times that I stay home and kind of himbrnate:0) Nothing like a good fire, time with God/books/blog and the satisfaction of catching up and having a clean house!

    Happy New Year and may God bless you, your marraige, your family, church, neighbours and mostly your relationship with Him.

  5. What a great story. At least YOU know how to change a tire - I never have! PTL for Mr. Brad...& the hubbie who made the effort to rescue his Beloved.

    Happy New Year & blessings, Kim<><

  6. Heather,
    I am sure glad that you were not on the highway when this happened!! It is good that you know how to change a tire. It is always good to check the spare once and a while to make sure it has air! Always good to check the location of the jack!!!! I have not have to change a tire for many years. I hope that does not change.
    Do not let this discourage you from getting out of the house. Even 'home bodies' need to get out every once and a while.

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  8. I am a true stay at home mom. We do a lot, but most of it happens right here. We went out two days in a row last week and the boys thought it was an amazing thing. :).

  9. I agree with you Heather. I love to be at home. Some people in my family have called me a hermit. But I know I am not. I truly treasure every moment I spend here and am thankful for the ability to do so. It's nice to know I am not the only one.



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