Saturday, December 12, 2009


A ten minute save for a *favorite* shirt! Convinced he will outgrow this thrifted t-shirt before the warm weather allows him to wear it again, he's been layering with a plain white thrifted long sleeve crew - and getting way too overheated.

Every other day.

Mama to the rescue.

I was reluctant to sacrifice the still white long sleeved crew, so I simply used that shirt as a 'pattern' to cut out some nice cotton t-shirting from the 'stash' and quickly constructed these fooler sleeves. They were easy to attach with the serger - I love nice thick stretch knits for their easy flexibility.

Even more, I love being the one to make that great big silly smile that is currently plastered on the Storytellers face!

"It looks just like a *real* hockey jersey Momma!"

Grammy - I guess I'd better ask you to be on the lookout another Maple Leafs t-shirt! 'Experienced', of course!

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  1. I like the look of it with the "fix" better than the original. Brilliant!


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