Saturday, November 8, 2008

Show Wrap Up

We did it! Our first craft show featuring tassels, felted purses, soother sacs, Grammy's shortbread cookies, Dreamer's mice and Dad's chalkboards!

What a day! We met a lot of really nice folks and had a lot of interest in our felted purses. Mrs. M stuck by my side the whole day, but only one of her beautiful bags sold! She sold 4 this week at work and has orders for 2 more, so she is in good shape, but it was a bit disappointing. We had fun together and she got some knitting done in between customers. She was a huge help and I was so glad to have her there all day!

Mrs. M made our booth look so pretty - she took what I had and staged it all so nicely! She made it look so nice that a few folks asked if we had a retail store! I think we were a bit out of the price range for this particular show, but all in all I am pleased with the results. It was a 'church bazaar' rather then a 'craft fair'. I sure learned the difference! Many were there looking for inexpensive little craft items for stocking stuffers and holiday decorations - and there were plenty there!

Some of the items that other crafter's featured were so very cheap - I have no idea how they could make any money on the items they sold. That made our fairly priced items appear overpriced, but most people were very complimentary and seemed to appreciate the materials and effort involved. It was an enjoyable day over all and I am glad for the experience!

So, the 'really big show' is over .... and it's time to soak my feet and head for bed!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I was so excited to see them. Your booth looked so nice!


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