Friday, November 14, 2008

I carried my bag!

I don't get out much ~ not like my friend, and partner in purse making, Mrs. M! She is a great shopper and works at a wonderful job outside her home, as well as being a pastor's wife and friend to many. She really gets around! For weeks she has been talking about all of the great compliments she gets carrying her felted purse.

Yesterday, I finally took a minute to transfer my stuff from my summer purse to one of my felted wool creations - and I actually had places to go and people to see!

Our first stop was Tim's of course - Tim Horton's for those of you who are not Canadian and not on a first name basis with Tim like I am. I needed a hot chocolate and due to a very bad supper time mishap, there were no luscious leftovers for our bag lunches for homeschool co-op. Ahem. Oh well, Tim's to the rescue - they make great sandwiches you know! If you are too far south to be able to drink their awesome coffee and eat their yummy donuts, never fear, the Canadian invasion has plans to continue their infiltration of the Midwest and parts south, I'm sure! They've been hugely successful in our area.

Anyway - I do make a short story long, don't I? My bag got noticed by three women at Tim's - one other customer and 2 young workers! I was so flattered!

Next stop - HomeSchool Co-op, and more compliments and questions! There were even price and style inquiries! I think if I'd thought to put a box of them in the car, I might have had a sale!!! My Mum came to co-op and brought her red purse and she got some nice compliments too. Our last stop was Sam's club where three different women complimented my purse! One lady even asked if I had a business card - and I actually had one to give her! Yeah!

Too much fun!

I'm going to have to get used to all of this attention! I am used to rather blending in, especially if I am out and about alone, which is actually a rare thing. When I have our Storyteller and Dream on board, I rarely have to do any talking. Everyone compliments the Dreamer's beautiful blue eyes or listens politely to the Storyteller tell my most embarrassing secrets or some other long tale. I spend a lot of time smiling and trying to get him to wrap things up! Now, I guess I'm going to have to learn to graciously take a compliment and have a Reader's Digest sales pitch and business card on hand ... just in case!

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  1. Your purse is so nice!!! how fun to have it noticed. :)

  2. Hi Heather, That is a beautiful purse. Is there a etsy store or website that she sales them at...I would love to purchase one or two or three..LOL They are so sweet! Nancy

  3. WOW! All of your bags are wonderful! I know you enjoyed carrying this one! What FUN!

  4. Let me be the next to compliment you - your purse is too cute! You really make nice things!

  5. That purse is beautiful! I would definitely notice it if I was out and about, too. They're adorable.

    I have actually been to a Tim Horton's. There are several in my momma's town in Kentucky. They, too, refer to Tim on a first-name basis. Haha! Being pregnant, I don't drink coffee now, but they do have yummy food, I agree!

  6. Great job Heather. It looks great and no one would ever know that it started out as a sweater!!!

  7. A really fabulous hand bag! Not surprised you were complemented.


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