Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Big Switch

Yesterday I planted some pansies and today we hit 70F! What joy in our household! Great jubilation and wild happy dancing! Seventy is the 'magic' number around here - and our children just wish it were sixty or even fifty ....

Seventy is when we:

  • say goodbye to winter coats and hello to spring jackets!
  • say goodbye to winter hats and hello to summer caps!
  • say goodbye to winter boots and hello to splash boots - or in our case - mud boots!
  • say goodbye to winter shoes and runners and hello to sandals!
  • say goodbye to ice skates and hello to roller blades and scooters!
  • say goodbye to winter mittens and hello to ball gloves and bats!
  • say goodbye to hockey sticks & pucks and hello to basketballs!
  • say goodbye to tights and pantyhose and hello to bare legs and bare feet!
  • say goodbye to winter sweaters and hello to t-shirts and 'no sleeve shirts'!

We have actually been using mud boots and spring jackets for a few weeks, but we kept winter out just 'in case'! Now that we have hit 70 - there's no looking back!

The 'Big Switch' is relatively painless. We have no closet, but bought an old (1800's) beat up huge German walnut wardrobe and put it in the sun room where we come and go. We put a bar up in it for hangers and there are soft canvas baskets in the bottom for each family member. Off season hats, mittens, etc. are stored in an old dresser in our front entryway. It is pretty simple to take a basket to the front, take out the winter stuff and put in the summer stuff. Or visa versa. We do the same thing with coats, which are also stored in the front entry closet. Likewise, the winter boots are washed up put in the front hall closet. Mud boots take up residence in the furnace room. We make sure everything is put away clean, and that anything that is sure to be outgrown by next season is washed and given away promptly. T-shirts which were neatly stored in the bottom dresser drawers are going into the divided hang up organizers for easy access - the sweaters will take their place in the bottom drawers until cool weather comes again.

Welcome warm weather .... we are ready for you!

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  1. It is seventy four in my neck of the woods and I couldn't be happier!

    Just stopping in to let you know I've been enjoying your blog!

  2. wow, we hit a whopping 48 today. *sigh* will summer ever get here?

  3. Yippee! Enjoy your warmer weather, Heather!

  4. hello heather, this is sean at http//irishboysean.blogspot.com
    are your children enjoying the good weather? it's sunny here but still cold. how are your children?

  5. Here! Here! I am ready for warm weather also.

  6. It sure has been a long winter for this part of the country! I've got to get in and sort all the childrens' clothes out -- that is a chore!

  7. Spring is always welcome around here!

    Anita - summer will come - sooner or later!

    Sean - the children both love warmer weather - they are outside every minute! They are still getting over colds, but are otherwise quite well thank you!

    Heather - sorting can be a chore - but the blessing of having only one child of each gender is that we rarely can 'hand me down' so we just give it all away - I only have to sort once, but sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to favorite outfits! I often wish we had more little ones, but God has planned our little family for His good purposes, just this way!


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