Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7 {autumn}

I'm so glad you've popped back to check up on me! This 31 Day Writing Challenge is really stretching my time management skills to the limits but I am really enjoying it! I pray you are too!

When I first signed up for this after reading a series of posts by The Nester, I thought I would take time each day to ponder my topic for the day and figure out something to write, but so far my mind has been busy with other matters and my thinking time has been limited. Last week was so busy, the weekend busier than it ought to have been and now this week I've spent my 'thinking time' in prayer for sweet friends who are facing various trials and have been heavy on my heart. It's a privilege to pray for these dear ones and so many others.

Yesterday as I tackled the endless mountains of dirty, smelly laundry I prayed for a family in crisis. This morning as I ironed up my hubby's shirts I prayed for a friend facing surgery and a long recovery. As I sewed for my little alterations business this evening, I prayed for a little girl who goes very early in the morning for an MRI of her brain - and I prayed for all those who love her so and have already weathered the storms of cancer with her. 

This post will be simple - a list of things we gather around here in the fall. I'm calling it gathering {autumn}

[aw-tuh m] 
1.the season between summer and winter; fall. 

2.a time of full maturity, especially the late stages of full maturity or,
sometimes, the early stages of decline.

gathering {autumn}

1.     Acorns from the street around the corner – time for a family walk!
2.     Buckets of manure for the garden from the horse barn just a block away.
3.     Buckeyes from the old cemetery.
4.     Pretty leaves to press and save.
5.     Gallons of cider from the mill – some to enjoy now and some to freeze for later.
6.     New recipes – especially for sweet breads and savory soups.

7.     Apples to eat every day in every way and some for apple sauce and pie filling to fill the pantry for winter.

8.     Cozy warm sweaters, soft vests and pretty scarves from the thrift stores.
9.     A whole new wardrobe for our Storyteller who just grew another ½ inch – again from the thrift stores.
10.   Good books to read from the library.
11.   Audio books for long drives.
12.   Winter time projects – like my crazy orange chairs to upholster.

13.   Baking supplies for the pantry – stocking up when I see sales.
14.   Knitting projects to keep my hands busy.
15.   Bulbs to plant just before frost – hoping to fool the squirrels into leaving them alone.

  What are you gathering for autumn?


  1. Heather!!! Wow! I looked at my blog feed and see NINE posts from you! How exciting! I will have to catch up! Just got up from reading a chapter on prayer and how it is indeed the most important thing so you are using your time wisely! Look at your lovely canned goods! I have a newly improved pantry and all my jam jars are sitting in it empty, waiting for me to have time again to fill them. It will be fun when that happens. :) Have a good week!!!

  2. Heather - you are such an amazing encourager! I hope you enjoy my post - when you have time! I'd love to catch up in real life again ... :)


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