Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15 {inspiration}

tap tap tap ... is this thing still on?

Oh hello there!
You're back!
The 31 Day Writing Challenge continues!

I'm so grateful for my amazingly smart {and beautiful} 
daughter tonight ...

You see, I left this post until tonight and when I went to sit down to finish it I realized I had given all and had nothing left for my blog. Nothing. 
Not one single idea to finish my post.

{late night, not nearly enough sleep,cooking ahead for the family, 'blessing baking' - Stroyteller's term for what goes out the door from our kitchen,
running errands, dinner on the run, parent night at AWANA, hugs and fellowship, farm fresh eggs to remember, the long drive home with me at the wheel,and unpacking groceries}

I was bemoaning that fact when I sat down to shut off the computer and admit defeat when our sweet Dreamer piped up, 'Just do a post on gathering {inspiration}.'

Didn't I tell you she was a smart one? 


gathering {inspiration}

{the short list}

Julie at Brave Writer wrote this post that {inspired} me to make a fresh start with my reluctant writer! It's not too late after all!

Brenda writes from the heart at Coffee Tea Books & Me and this weekend she reminded me of something so important in her post Why Bother?  She {inspired} my to look around my home and garden and soak in some of the unexpected beauty there. 

I had not heard of the term 'capsule wardrobe' until I stumbled on this post on Un-Fancy, but I think I am {inspired} to give it a try! Of course I don't have a $1000 budget for clothes for myself for one season, but I can take the principles to the thrift store! 

I was about to give away a bunch of my unused mason jars when I saw this post at fellow 31 Day Writing challenge blogger Home Is What You Make It and was {inspired}to hang on to them for just a bit longer! 

Candace at His Mercy Is New {inspired} me with this post to be more intention in praying the Scripture for our family. She has some great free resources too! 

Leave a link - I'd love to read about what is inspiring you! 

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