Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Three Chairs


BEFORE: My friend Mrs. M will recognize this chair - she found it in the garbage!  She used it in their home for a number of years before she passed it on to me.  I'm sad to say that it has taken me over a year to get to it.  I stripped it down to the bare frame, repaired the cracked frame, sanded and stained the legs and arms and then let it sit - forever.  I finally got up the courage to replace the webbing and re-tie the springs.  What a job - now I know why they charge so much for spring repair. I replaced the padding and finally put some pretty fabric on it.  It is super comfy!

AFTER: Mum, do you remember our soft sage curtains in our last home?  I recycled them! I still love this fabric and the price was right.  This chair is going in our bedroom.  No doubt you'll not see it for the pile of clothes that will land on it, but one can always dream - right?


A few years ago we bought 4 chairs for $5 from a 'hole in the wall' antiques junk shop.  They went pretty well with some inherited chairs from the Historian's side of the family - and the price was right. We've used them as spares when we stretched the table for guests. Sadly, the caning is old and brittle, and replacing it is a lost art.  I came up with an alternative for one of the broken chairs, and I am really happy with how it turned out!

This is Dreamer's 'new' desk chair and she loves it!!!  I used Krylon 'Blue Ocean Breeze' in gloss after a few coats of primer.  I love the splash of color in her room!  I cut a piece of plywood and sanded it smooth before adding lots of layers of padding and covering it with fabric.  You can bet I used the Scotch Guard on this one. The striped fabric co-ordinates with her quilt which is machine quilted and ready to be picked up today. Next step is to be bound along the edges with some homemade bias binding.
It has to be sewn by hand! 
My, oh my - that will be a job - but I can't wait. 
Her new wall color is Behr's 'Cool Jazz'.


Her slipper chair got a slip cover - inspired by Pier One - you can read about the chair's long and checkered history HERE, if you like.  It's quite a departure from the former sweet pink floral.  We sanded the legs and painted them brown.  They are still ugly, but at least the dust bunnies can't hide under her chair anymore. I chose to recover in a cotton duck and then slipcover because it seemed like a case of more work now for less work later - she won't always love this funky slipcover, so I'll be set to easily trade it out when she gets tired of it.

Dreamer's lamps also got a coat of  Krylon 'Blue Ocean Breeze' - one lamp she had, and other was a $4 Goodwill find.  I used scraps of quilt fabric for the shade covers.


Her valances are done too - so fresh and fun! 


I guess that's all for now.  As soon as the quilt is done, I will do a complete Dreamer's Room Show and Tell. This project is taking more energy than I have right now, but it is so worth it to see her delight in her new room.  Projects done by inches sometimes seem more special - and we are still having fun even when we get sidetracked by the general business of life.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

    Dear Mommy
    Thanks for all of the time and energy that you have put into my room. I love it and can't wait for my quilt to join the list of done jobs.

  2. My sweet Dreamer - I am glad to do it! It has been so much fun and we are seeing the end of the 'to do' list! Poppa's going to help with new door knobs and I'm sure when we're shopping we'll find just the right towel rack for your bathroom. Little by little, step by step. I know you'll appreciate your grown up room because you helped so much!

  3. AnonymousJune 08, 2010


    Of late your blog really has been "a place of quiet rest" for me. I am on the hunt for a job. I am finding it can start to get me down and discouraged at times. I have found that listening to Mercy Me and Casting Crowns while I job search has been a help and the times I need a break I read your blog. It is gentle and soothes my spirit. I just thought now too that I can also go to Biblegateway.com and that would really soothe my spirit as I take a break from the job hunt and yet am still sitting at the computer since in a few minutes I'll go back to the job hunt. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have a tired pilgrim visiting your place of quiet rest and enjoying it's gentleness.


  4. What beautiful transformations!!! I think your Mrs. M and I would get along well -- I love pulling stuff from the trash (like Laura's beautiful crib). It gets dicey when your children announce to a craigslist buyer that mommy got the chair from the trash!!!! Yikes!

  5. Oh Heather - it's wonderful to have honest children, but they'll need to learn the fine art of knowing when full disclosure does more harm than good!
    Nancy, I'm glad this is a place of quietness for you. I feel like my blog takes back burner to the everyday demands of life, but I am always blessed when I have an opportunity to bless others, even in such a small way.

  6. Amazing what you've done with those three chairs! I do love th Pier One inspired slip! I've been eyeing their cute chairs but I just don't know where I'd put one!


  7. Manuela - I loved the Pier One slipcover too - just not their price! I thought of Dreamers old chair right away and it worked out just how I envisioned it, which was quite a giggle! I used up lots of scraps of this and that from her quilt and curtain valances so it went together based on what I had on hand, no 'perfect design' in mind!

  8. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    The chairs look wonderful Heather. I am sure that when the quilt is down, the room will look like something from Martha Stewarts site!!!
    Good things come to those who wait!!!
    Take care.

  9. Everything looks wonderful! :) But...WOW...the first chair is absolutely GORGEOUS after you redid it!!! I love it!!!!

  10. What a gorgeous "grown up" room! I have a slipper chair that needs a slip cover. I will keep yours in mind and attempt a slip cover for it soon.

  11. Wow!! Beautiful job, Heather! It is all so lovely.


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