Friday, June 11, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome Company Girls! I'm glad you dropped by.  Help yourself to some sweet tea and make yourself at home. Please excuse the mess - you can see we are trying to paint the school room/ dining room/ family room and we've been stalled by an injury. Just step around the boxes of books and piles of school supplies - that's what we've been doing!

I hope you can lend us a hand - we're working on binding our first 'real' quilt and we'd love to have you come and sit a while and put in a few stitches with us.  Dreamer and I don't care if they are perfect - we've already done some ripping out, but we are learning! In fact, I've found some great tips through Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s YouTube Channel - HERE.  I was so thrilled when I learned to make  a perfect mitered corner - and it really did turn out perfectly!  

We are having a lot of fun getting these finishing details done for Dreamer's grown up room.  I am hoping that she will sleep beneath this quilt for many years and enjoy happy memories of making it together.

Oh, the rain has started again and I am hearing lots of thunder too!  We've had quite a rainy spring, and it's made baseball season kind of crazy - but thankfully the teams were able to get in a game last night.  Storyteller's team played really well, but they lost again.  It's hard when there are such long breaks and no practice between games, I think.  There is supposed to be a make up game tonight, but we'll just see. 

We have a little bit of our summer school work to do this morning, and then we are off to the library and grocery store.  The cookie jar has been empty far too long, so we'll just have to remedy that.  I haven't done anything 'extra' this week because on Tuesday I awakened to a very painful right elbow. I was doing a bit of painting Monday night and I don't know if I hurt it in some way, but I've been amazed at how little I can accomplish without my right arm.  I've done some sorting and organizing of light things, but I have not been able to really use my arm until yesterday when the pain eased quite a bit. Thankfully, hand sewing for short periods of time doesn't hurt! 

Thanks for dropping by!
I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. oh my gosh I LOVE the quilt. I made one quilt and when I heard what went into binding I thought I was going to pass out. It seemed like SO much work! But I did it but it doesn't look HALF as good as yours. That takes some real patience. At least I can appreciate quilts to their fullest now, knowing what all went into them.

  2. Pretty quilt! I love the green/blue/brown combo! :) I am just learning how to quilt (a friend at church is teaching me), so I am of no help when it comes to binding, because we haven't gotten there yet...I'm still (slowly) piecing it together! But, it is fun. And, I look forward to doing it with my daughter someday. :)
    I was down with a migraine earlier this week, and was absolutely useless...not fun. Hope your arm is feeling better soon!

  3. Love the colors - turquoise and lime green were meant for one another, and the brown sets them off nicely!

    Did you do a true mitre (sew the "v" into the binding) or a french fold type treatment? Either give a really nice finish, and both are easy to do the more you do them, if you know what I mean! I'll put some stitches into your binding, if you help me with mine - finishing up two quilts this week, myself.

    Hope the elbow continues to heal, and the projects all go well.

  4. Sewing has never been my thing and I think that people who do it are so talented. Fabulous!

  5. I hope your elbow heals quickly!! Speaking of sweet sister made some lemon balm tea yesterday by simply kneading lemon balm stalks in water until the water turned tea color. She added a bit of honey and ice and it was TERRIFIC!!! I would drink it all day if I had a patch of lemon balm....

  6. Just visiting from Company Girls, Thanks for stopping by today, Hope your elbow heals quickly~ Blessings on your day!

  7. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    Thanks for the very first comment on my blog Heather! :-)

    Thought I'd stop by and stitch a line for you. I learnt to sew with my Grandma - one of her stories was that she had been a seamstress. I never did find out how true that was but she could certainly sew well.

    Hope the storms clear up - and get someone else to do the painting... at least 'till your arm has settled down!

  8. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    You had me at sweet tea. =) I love the quilt. I wish I knew something about sewing or quilt or knitting. Seeing how my mom was a seamstress and my grandmother knitted, it's surprising that I don't know anything besides sewing a button back on. Hope your elbow feels better soon. My back just started hurting from carrying the little one. I'm hoping she's going to walk by herself really soon. =) Have a lovely weekend.

  9. I love the quilt!

    Was recently perusing Jane Brockett's book and it reminds me so much of the beautiful quilts in her book.

    I'm tired of the rain! Would love to see a good soaking every fourth day or so for the garden but not this almost daily downpour.

  10. Diane - I am so new at this, I just went by a friend's directions and used the french fold on the YouTube Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and it was super easy and effective! I once made 240 linen napkins for a restaurant and so I know how to miter a double fold, but had no clue when it came to binding a corner!

    The storms cleared for the afternoon, but we're still not sure if the game is a go, but we're getting ready!

    I've got another batch of sweet tea on the stove Joyce, and Heather - I have lemon balm - I dig a ton of it out of the garden and pitch it in the compost pile every year - it takes over the herb beds! I'll make some lemon balm tea and think fondly of you!

  11. Brenda - I feel like I have moss growing between my toes! Everything has been damp for so long that is seems like we'll never dry out, but come August, we'll be wishing for these rainy days again! We saw the sun for an hour this afternoon - I couldn't bear the humidity, so I just sat under the skylight in my ac comfort and enjoyed it's rays while I sewed tiny little stitches!

  12. Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit me today:) I love the look of that quilt. Keep it up and it is going to be gorgeous when you are finished with it and I hope you post pictures.

    Praying your elbow is as good as new in no time flat (if not better than new) so you can have fun painting!

  13. That is beautiful! I went to my first market review party last year, and afterwords I wandered around looking at the fat quarters and batik pretty! Now I really want to learn how to make a quilt.

  14. Heather, the quilt is beautiful! My MIL quilts and I have made her promise that she teach me one day.

    I hope your elbow feels better soon. Thanks for stopping by for coffee and have a great summer!


  15. Isn't it a great feeling when you put the last stitches on a quilt. It seems like forever that I've been trying to get my grandson's done...hopefully soon! The colours look lovely!

  16. Your quilt looks lovely! I have yet to hand sew a binding (or do one properly, for that matter) but I've made two baby quilts so far. I'd love to do more, and perhaps I will do some for the bunks at the cottage. But where to find the time ;)

    Have a great week ...


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