Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dreamer's Delight

I knew before I started that I would pay a heavy price, but I did it anyways, and I'll likely do it again!
I did it to keep a promise to our Dreamer! 

I 'lost' my Sunday today because yesterday we took another step towards making Dreamer's room a place of delight for her.  I don't like having to take a whole day to recover from exertion, but I am learning that's just what it takes. I often wish there were two Saturdays back to back each week before Sunday because I hate missing church.

Six long months ago, our sweet girl had a very important birthday - she turned 12! Her hearts desire was to rid her room of it's 'pink ballerina' theme and move on to something a little more grown up. It took a while to settle on some color choices.  At first she wanted brown and pale robin's egg blue - but then the fabric we found included a vibrant teal, lime and chocolate brown combination. That was in November! 

Her quilt top just needs a border - the back is made. Little by little this is coming together, and she has been pretty patient. I found an old thick white cotton Matelass√© Coverlet in our cedar trunk that was a double bed size and cut it down for her single bed, edging it in some cute ball fringe. We decided to recover her slipper chair too - it was mine as a little girl.  My Nanny covered it with white seersucker with pink gingham piping when I was a girl, and I recovered it for our guestroom in a green ivy print and than again for Dreamer's room when she was a baby - a pink floral. It's been around along time!

She has something like this Pier 1 slipcover in mind - using her leftover quilt fabrics of course!  
I think it will be sweet! The old chair has ugly legs so we'll just have to see what some paint can do!
Painting is very mentally taxing for me - I really have to work myself up to it!  I hate painting - or at least, I hate how hard it is on my body.  I am so slow and unskilled.  I envy those who can paint a room in just a couple of hours.  I took all day, but all of the woodwork needed to be washed, primed and painted. All the walls needed to be dusted, washed, filled and sanded a bit.  It was the last room with oil based woodwork and it was very yellowed.  What a job.  We got the first coat of Behr's Cool Jazz  490A-2 on the walls and most of the pink is gone - but it needs another coat, for sure!  

We used to have a good painter who was reasonable and good - though slow.  The last time we had him come he tripled his price without warning. We'll be doing our own painting from now on I guess.

Meanwhile, the contents of Dreamer's room are in the playroom.  She is camped on the pull out in the family room, and Monday starts full speed ahead.  Maybe three Saturday's in a row would be good!

I'll post pictures when it's done!  
Dreamer is planning a party to celebrate!

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  1. I'm having to plant my garden the same way. What a healthy person could get done easily in one day, it is taking me a lot of time. But isn't it better to do something a little at at a time rather than not at all? :)

    Looking forward to pictures.

  2. I can see that you accomplish a lot even with your need to rest, and you are decorating your daughter's room just as she wishes. That is a great mommy.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product! It is so nice you can do all this for her! I'll confess that I have never painted as an adult...I'll have to do it sometime I'm sure.


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