Saturday, June 12, 2010

Asleep under her quilt ...

After hours and hours of tiny little stitches, I completed the quilt binding.  I was listening to the Storyteller read aloud and to the Dreamer practicing her piano as I stitched.  The sun was streaming in the skylight, I was comfortably cool with the a/c on, and I was thinking about how blessed I am really am!

The skies poured down just at game time, clearing out the humidity and dropping the temperature by 20 degrees.  The sun broke out and the game was played - and the boys lost a close one, but had a great time!

Last night, Dreamer slept beneath her quilt for the first time.
She was soooooo cuddly and cozy, she didn't want to get up this morning!

Thanks for all the well wishes concerning my elbow.  It is still quite sore, but improving slowly each day.

Now, it's off to the ball game!

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  1. The quilt turned out beautifully Heather! So glad your elbow is feeling better. :)

  2. YAY!!! It looks beautiful.

    Now, I must force myself to stand up and tackle "Mt. Ironmore" or rather Range Ironmore.

  3. The quilt colors and patterns are very pretty. Well done girl.

  4. BEAUTIFUL quilt! I know she will have years of enjoyment out of it!

  5. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    It looks wonderful Heather. Worth the wait.

  6. A beautiful quilt I must say! :) Your blog is so peaceful! I'm adding it to my list here:

  7. The quilt looks just beauitful! I wish it would rain and cool us down here!



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