Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation Memories

We made it home safely on Monday just after supper, but I've just been buried with various and sundry things 'to do' ever since! You know how it is - a post vacation vacation would be nice about now! At first I was so overwhelmed with all that needed to be done I was ready to turn around and have another week of vacation, but really it is very good to be home and begin to adjust to a regular schedule to begin our school year.

The first 5 days of our vacation were difficult - I really wasn't feeling well, but we muddled through and the children got lots of sunshine and swim time. It was the first hot weather the Bay had experienced all summer - a direct answer to our prayers, I think! Though, it was obvious I wasn't really praying believing since I didn't bring enough hot weather clothing for the week! Mum kept saying how cold it was all summer, and I wanted to be prepared! The Storyteller squeezed in a bit of baseball with Poppa and some catching practice too! The two youngest cousins were also visiting and had a great week at Canoe and Kayak Camp, and we ate picnic lunches with them everyday to keep them company. The children got along well, and had hilarious times putting on 'plays' for us all!

Over the week I began to get over my cold, but than had a few painful days with my liver - but again, we just kept going - albeit, much more slowly. On Saturday while I was feeling well and energetic, I baked a few sweet treats to fill up the cookie jars, vacuumed and bit and tidied up our 'stuff' and Mum went out for yet more groceries. I think we ate them out of house and home! Cousin A came 'home' to Poppa and Grammy's from camp Aush-Bik-Koong and brought a weeks worth of dirty laundry! We all enjoyed joining Mum and Dad's church family on Sunday and saw a lot of old friends. We were there for a big church picnic and birthday celebration for Mr. B who joined the 65 and over club - though he really doesn't look or act it! Poppa drove down the highway to take the younger cousins to meet their family.

On Monday we were delighted to have my Uncle and Aunt come up for 24 hours of visiting and catching up! It was great to see them and hear about all the exciting places they have been recently. Our two children started Canoe and Kayak Camp on Monday and had a wonderful week. It was good for them to be learning a new skill and they had wonderful coaches. They had great weather all week except for one morning when they could not go out on the water due to distant lightening. They are both so brown and healthy looking - despite our ample applications of sunscreen! If we do this another time, they definitely need hats that are wind-proof since they could not wear their floppy tops for fear they would blow away on the water!

Thursday, I happily spent a quiet afternoon eating frozen yogurt and berries on a lakeside porch conversing with a childhood friend - a rare time out from mommyhood for both of us!
We all had a lovely evening eating at a favorite restaurant and enjoying the mini train rides and Carousel rides on the waterfront. Rolling down the big hill is always a favorite (free) activity, and meeting old friends is inevitable and enjoyable!

On Friday, our children were honored to participate in the Rotary Club's 'Paddle for PADDLE' with the rest of their camp mates and even got to meet the Mayor! They all piled into a huge Dragon Boat and paddled over to a lakeside shop for huge scoops of ice cream on the last afternoon. On Saturday, we were all a bit tuckered out, but Poppa and his Dreamer took Cousin A, who was staying the week to help Poppa with a recycling project, down the highway to rendezvous with his family. I haven't heard all of the details of that adventure, but there was a tailgate ice cream party for two, a big climb up a mountain, and some rose hip collecting!

Poppa and Dreamer arrived home just about the same time as our Historian - he had a long drive up to get us, and between a slow border crossing, heavy traffic and an upset stomach, he was quite tired out. We were slow getting away Sunday, and only made it half way home before taking a room for the night. The children enjoyed pool time, some of us got a good nights sleep ( not me!) and we headed home Monday!

Now that I've written this all out, it really is quite a wonder that I am not more tired than I am! We certainly packed a lot in - Mum made loads of delicious food, did uncountable loads of washing, carted kids to the beach, packed wonderful picnic lunches, stocked and re-stocked the ailing fridge, kept the bathroom decent and we even packed in some thrift shopping too! She'll be needing a vacation from our vacation! The rest of us helped out too, of course, but despite her constant pain and fatigue, she was the glue that held it all together, as always. Poppa did a ton of driving, a bit of nice grilling, worked hard with Cousin A and has half the beach to vacuum out of the truck and car! We owe them both a huge

Thank - you,
Poppa and Grammy!

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  1. You are M O S T welcome.

  2. Wow. I almost feel exhausted just reading this! You are busy.

  3. I've been wondering how your vacation went and hoping that you wouldn't feel awful the entire time. It sounds like a lot of wonderful memories and special time with many people. I hope you are "recovering" quickly from vacation -- it's the way it goes, isn't it. :)


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