Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was quite inevitable you see ...

we have 'school pictures' scheduled for Monday.
Something always happens when I schedule a professional photo shoot - always!

I thought it would be great to start our home school year off right this year with official school pictures. I always intend to do it, but usually forget. I decided that this year would be different! What better time to get professional pictures than when our children are all tanned and healthy looking from two weeks by the water? Do you see those wonderful freckles? It was absolute serendipity to find a coupon for professional services in my mail just days before we left for vacation - so I booked an appointment. For Monday. This Monday.

This morning, our special guy woke up looking like his face was used for a punching bag. His lips are swollen and his cheek is hot, swollen and itchy. It's a reaction to the scoric acid the dermatologist used on that teeny tiny wart on his lip yesterday! We have been battling warts on our guy for over a year - and we have tried everything from caster oil to duct tape. We decided a few months ago that we needed professional help since our Storyteller couldn't get shoes on without great irritation, but since we started treatment, more warts have been popping up everywhere - but only on the left side of his body. Weird.

We've got a call in to the dermatologist for advice, but I'm wondering if it's time to re-schedule or just go ahead and have another set of professional pictures complete with bumps bruises, scrapes and other real life stuff!

It was really quite inevitable you see ...

EDITED: Thanks for your sympathy and suggestions! We are using Benadryl and hyrocortizone and he is improving - maybe by Monday at 3 he will be back to looking like the boy we know and love ... we're praying!

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  1. Try some Benadryl and I am sure by Monday that will be gone, I would leave the appointment be. I think you will regret it if you cancel and on Monday he is looking handsome and healthy!

  2. Yes, Benadryl helped Christopher when he had an allergic reaction years ago.

    I still wish we had rescheduled the family picture we had taken when I had a sinus infection, my eyes were SO swollen.

    Everyone else looked great. :)

  3. Hi Heather, I am praying that God will touch his face and end his allergy! It never fails, does it, when you schedule something like this??? Oh well, this too shall pass!! Can't wait to see your photo!! I'm sure it will be beautiful!!


  4. How awful! I hope he is much better by now and I hope the warts go away! I might be dealing with a patch of them on each of Rachel's knees. Very strange.


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