Friday, August 7, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Hey girls! Thanks for dropping by! We're having a busy day today, but I always have time for a tall cold sweet tea - I'm just making a fresh batch! I need the caffeine today since I am preparing for a little vacation for the children and I, getting the guestroom ready for my Dad who is coming to get us, and putting together a wee hostess gift for the Pastor's family - we are invited for supper tonight! We are really excited!

Last night we made a mad dash to the mall for PANTS for our boy! I know - the mall isn't very thrifty - but I've been looking for pants for our guy for over a month and there just are not any boys pants in the thrift stores that are in decent shape. I know the trend is the 'grunge' look, but please - we'll make our our rips and stains thank you!

We love the Land's End double kneed cargo pants and I had ordered some form the sale catalogue for our boy, carefully following the size suggestions - but they were HUGE! I was so glad 'cause I've never thought of our guy as really 'husky' and that's what category he fell into! So we took them back to Sears and scoured the boys department for pants for our guy! It's really cold in North Bay, where we are headed. Mum and Dad haven't really had summer yet - just the absence of winter. I am praying for a heat wave in North Bay while we are there - the children are dying to get in the water and they have canoe and kayak camp next week, so we need a smidgen of heat for those activities!

I'd better run for now! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds fun! Hope you guys have a great time :)

  2. Have a great time! Sometimes ya' just have to pay more for fit! Especially with boys it is VERY hard to find handed down pants, boys are just too rough! We always struggle, especially with our oldest who is very tall and skinny--we have to find slim, adjustable waist and just pay what we have to pay!

  3. I almost always had to pay full price for pants for my kids. Both were so hard to fit that it was rare I could find them in thrift stores.

    Both were tall and very slender from their preschool through elementary school years.

    Now Stephanie has the same challenges finding pants to fit Elisabeth! Some things just keep going around... :)

    You'll appreciate this, my daughter showed her husband jeans at the store that are new but all ratty looking. He asked her how he'd know when they were ready to give to Goodwill, hehehe. My thoughts exactly (and they were expensive!).

    Have a great time!

  4. I think I'm going to have fun shopping for our boy too. He's only 2.5 now, but his dad is a bigger man, so I suspect it will be "fun".

  5. I always find it hard to fit kids when they are between the kids sizes and the adult sizes! Girls AND boys are hard, and you get to the point of frustration where you don't care how much anything costs...if you can just find something that fits!!

    Love the jeans story. I've got some ripped jeans in my closet I'm thinking of pulling back out to wear....

  6. I know, I can't believe people would pay to have holes in their pants. We've had a considerably cool summer compared to the past. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Hi Heather -- just catching up a bit after our return from vacation. Love your front door -- it looks so nice! Can't believe everyone is starting school. Getting that organized is next on my list. :)


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