Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowed in and loving it!

Here in our little corner of the Midwest we are enjoying a taste of winter. This morning when we awakened we saw bare trees, green grass and lots of beautiful Cardinals at the bird feeders. Within an hour the snows began - I guess the 'weather event' scheduled by out weather experts was a bit later than expected. All day long the snow has fallen, and we have enjoyed a snug 'at home' day as a family. No time pressures or essential things needing to be done.

The Historian ran out for a few staples before the storm became earnest and we are snug and set. We have our weather emergency preparations made and now we just have to sit back and enjoy. We made some treats for the birds with bird seed, bacon fat and peanut butter melted together and poured into grapefruit halves. It was based on one of the great ideas Kelli shared last month in Seasonal Delights and we really had a good time doing it! Our ingredients were a bit different since we just used what we had on hand!

I also caught up on my mending today which had pretty much taken over my sewing table. You would think I was the only one who could repair an injured bear or put on a button around here! That being done, I started messing around making a simple tea cozy. I have this awesome software for my sewing machine that makes cute tea cups, but I have never used it (shamefaced). My first attempt was too big and tall, so I'll have to get back to the drawing board. I don't have a pattern or dimensions, but I remember my Nanny having one that she knit where the spout and handle stuck out - I'm trying for a fabric version. Once I figure out the pattern in scraps I have some lovely old English linen that will look nice with an embroidered design I think!

Tonight I hope to make some simple jammies for our boy - he is so long in the back and getting a bit pudgy around the middle all of the sudden. His p.j. tops don't meet his p.j. bottoms and his back is all cold and exposed in the morning! I'm glad I have some nice cozy flannel on hand and time to go into jammie production. They usually only take an hour to make when I use nice cotton ribbing around the neck, cuffs and ankles.

The Dreamer and I went over to Mr.Neighbors and she shoveled off his stoop and a path to his garage. It is very slick, so I hope he stays indoors until his 'man' comes and clears his drive. Our snowblower is back in the shop - not great timing! They said it was fixed the last time, but something wasn't right. It wouldn't start and gas was leaking all over the place. This snow will probably melt before we get it back again!

Our pastor canceled church for tomorrow so we are set for a morning of home church and lazing about. The Historian has prepared a message, Dreamer is going to 'do' Sunday School, the Storyteller will undoubtedly 'help' and take over the music department, and I have the coffee hot cider fellowship taken care of. I'm looking forward to a lovely day! I hope that you are too!


  1. We're also experiencing our first real "snowstorm" of the season. A big thrill for the kids - they were outside by about 8 am.

    Sunday school is canceled - haven't heard about church yet. It's always a bit exciting to be "snowed in".

    I did some baking...some cleaning...

  2. Hi Heather:
    I felt like I was reading a "Little House on the Prairie" book this morning as I read your blog!!! You always seem to make things fun and I love that - a woman after my own heart! We had a couple in for our annual Christmas dinner with them on Thursday night. They wanted us to pick up Swiss Chalet so that none of us would have to work but I opted to make my own "Swiss" meal and decided to dress the part as well - as you can imagine, they weren't expecting the dress-up part and so that caused quite a few laughs. Even LB got into it!!
    So glad that you've gotten over a few hurdles health wise and we pray that He will see you through what you are facing in the future!

  3. We're snowed in this Sunday morning as well. We're planning on making it to our evening service though. Have a blessed day!

  4. What a quiet and peaceful day we have enjoyed! Thank you for your kind comments.

  5. Doreen - good for you! It's always fun to surprise people once and again - and making a meal at home is more satisfying than restaurant food any day! I hope they appreciated your efforts!

    Thank you for praying for us - we really appreciate it! Over a few hurdles and more to go, but not alone! Praise God!

  6. I hope you had a lovely "at home" day with your family, Heather! I'm sure the snow is beautiful, send me some. :0)

  7. The snow has been so beautiful!!! Our services were cancelled too, so I enjoyed one of the live broadcasts over the internet that I usually listen to when I can't get to church. So lovely with the snow out the window.

    I was sewing tea cozies on Saturday too!!!! How funny! Not many people "do" them. My pattern is a bit different -- it covers the whole pot. After Christmas I'm going to post pictures -- right now they are for gifts. :)

    I wonder how long the snow will stay?...

  8. Kelli - we did have a lovely day - and I will send you some snow, though we don't have much to spare! It is all blowing away! My mum and Dad have more - maybe they are willing to part with some of it!

    Heather - I can't wait to see your pictures!!! My cozy covers the whole pot too - by accident! I don't like having the spout in because it gets so stained, but I haven't figured it out yet. My hubby is nervous - he remembers my last cozy attempt going up in flames! We had a gas stove at the time and I thought the burner was off but it was on 'low'! LOL!

  9. Heather,

    You were the winner on my give away!

  10. You have the gift of making the most mundane day sound wonderful!


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