Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm Back!

I thought about titling this post ' the good, the bad, and the ugly', but didn't want to scare anyone away! I'm running a slight fever, so if this doesn't sound like me, blame it on delirium! The very good news is that I survived surgery - twice. Praise the Lord! It took slightly more courage to go back for day two then it did to go on the first day - somehow the unknown is scary, but the known can be even more frightening, if you know what I mean. I didn't have the courage to go back, but I ran to God with a prayer for help and He supplied!
So now both of my legs are trussed up like turkeys! I am wrapped in compression bandages and to complete 'the ensemble' - compression stockings - lovely! Somehow, they just remind me so much of my grandmother! My liver has not enjoyed all of the commotion - especially being squished, but I'm sure things will calm down as soon as it kicks all the chemicals out of my system. Each procedure lasted about 2 hours, so I had lots of time to pray. And study the water sprinkler spigot. Fascinating! Other than answering the occasional 'how are we doing?' I just had to try to be absolutely still and not fall off the torture rack table, which was somewhat less comfy then I'd hoped!
In 5 days we take off the compression bandages and hopefully by that point I will be able to recognize my legs - right now they resemble black,purple and blue stovepipes. They've never been so friendly with one another! The worst is over - I hope! At my next appointment the Doctor will form a plan to deal with the varicose veins and then I'll be ready for swimsuit weather without little kids pointing at my legs and saying "ooh, Mommy what's wrong with the lady's legs? Why does she have grapes on the back of her knees? Is that a spider tattoo?"
My compression stockings and I are going to be good friends for at least two weeks after these bandages are removed, but at least I'll be able to sleep without them! My dear husband has comforted me with the comfort only a woman who has struggled for 20 minutes can fully appreciate "Look at it this way Hon, after this, tights and pantyhose will be a breeze!" It didn't exactly tickle my funny bone as I lay panting on the bed having done battle with the stockings (and won) - but I'm sure I'll find it funny another day!
In other news, our children are loving the snow - loving it! They have been out in it for hours and hours getting rosy cheeks and building the most interesting 'fort'. They asked Grammy to send a couple of truckloads of her snow to our house, but she didn't have to since God had it in the plans to give us a little bit of white, naturally. I'm glad we have some here, since they had their hearts set on sliding down Thompson Hill with their cousins over Christmas, and that isn't very likely, now. We would have to stop often - every hour - making a 10 hour drive into a three day excursion. We would just have time to say 'hello', open gifts and turn around for home. We haven't broken the news to them yet - we need to get plan B in order first, and make it sound really exciting! Nothing is more exciting than a trip to North Bay though, and possibly seeing their cousins was the real clincher, so we're praying they'll be understanding.
And for the final tidbit of fascinating family happenings, we now have high speed Internet!!! Yeah! The cable guy came today and we are up and running - without a hitch! It's so nice when things go smoothly - since it almost never happens, it makes it even more delightful!
Now, I have sat enough and I need to 'take to my couch' and recline at a more comfortable angle. Up and walking is not too uncomfortable, but since my legs have to wrestle one another to get anywhere, the novelty wears off quickly. I refuse to walk like I just got off a horse after an all day trail ride! Sitting with my feet up is the very best - just sitting or laying down is torture.
It is good to be back though - and with our Internet connection zipping right along, I'm excited about all of the fun possibilities!


  1. Do take it easy Heather. I am thinking and praying for you!

  2. i am so glad things went well. on the upside, maybe with your legs lookin' so great after this you won't need nylons! ;)

    i hope your recovery goes well and smoothly. you are in my prayers.

    i'm sorry i won't see you over christmas but hopefully another time.


  3. Heather - thanks for the prayer support! Nancy - I appreciate your prayer too! I'm not sure about giving up my tights and pantyhose - there is a whole lot of warmth for a skirt wearing gal like myself! Summers are bare legs in long skirts, but since I have this love of chocolate, control top hosery is my friend! Besides, I never said they'd look great - they are still, after all, my legs - but at least I won't scare small children at the public pool this summer! Hopefully!

  4. Welcome back, Heather! I'm so glad that the surgeries were successful. I will pray for a smooth and quick recovery. The snow sounds wonderful and how exciting to have high speed internet!


  5. I'm glad your surgeries went well! i understand the feeling about going back. :( i hope the recovery goes well!

  6. How thankful I am for all of your wonderful blogging friends. Isn't it amazing the way that God made us to need each other. Where would we be without the family of God which is world wide?!
    He alone knows my deep gratitude for giving you such an undaunted spirit, Heather Anne. From your early childhood right through to this day God has allowed more challenges to occur in your life than anyone else I know....but....
    with those challenges He has made you stronger each time and left you with a tender heart for all those He places in your path who are in in way suffering in their short sojourn here. I praise Him for the way He encourages you to reach out to others in love and comfort and with a giving heart.
    In so doing, you are bringing glory to Him. Isn't that why we are here on planet earth?
    May He be to you just now what you are to others every day.....a great comfort, encourager and compassionate friend.
    Wishing I could be there,
    Keeping you in constant prayer,
    Sending you my motherly love
    as I leave you in the Father's arms.
    1 Corinthians 10:13

  7. Praying for a speedy and full recovery :o)

  8. Welcome to the land of high speed! We have had it since late summer and I keep asking myself why we waited so long!

    Glad to hear all went well with your surgery.


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