Sunday, December 23, 2007

Diamonds for Christmas and Prairie Living

Prairie style living is not for the faint of heart. I wouldn't know, really, but if our minor inconvenience of no hot water for three days is any indication, I most likely would not have survived, let alone thrived in those covered wagon days. The west would not have been settled by the likes of me! These are some things I have learned about water leaks and broken hot water tanks and making do with cold water.

  1. Take a deep breath and pray. In the eternal scheme of things, it is only a house, only a bunch of messed up stuff, and only money; nothing that will last beyond this life. Why waste time in worry? God is still in control.
  2. Call your insurance adjuster - they really know what they are talking about and they can point out things about what may be lurking under the carpet or behind the walls that you had no idea about.
  3. It is often worse than it first appears and will go way beyond your deductible to repair, so it's worth making a claim.
  4. When there is water there is mold, fungi and other foul odors. Shiver!
  5. Pulling up carpet is a major revelation. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
  6. Wet under padding is worse smelling than a football locker or hockey equipment bag. Hold your nose ladies! It is also very heavy.
  7. Being cheerful and somewhat calm when 1 Adjuster, 1 Plumber, 1 Plumbers wife, 2 Water extraction men, 1 Ironing friend, 3 Extra children expecting a cookie baking party and 1 Friend's helpful husband ( trying to replace a dead battery in the van and point out the almost flat tire) are all in your house at once can lead to opportunities to share the Hope of faith in Jesus Christ.
  8. Be ready with an answer for the Hope that is in you 'in season and out of season' - simply because your brain may not be fully functioning at the time you have an opportunity!
  9. If you sometimes feel very cut off from the world and wonder what kind of light you are being to those around, pray that God will bring people into your life to be a light for.
  10. Remember to pray for a little spacing in those witnessing opportunities. All in one day can be a bit taxing. The light can get pretty dim by 5 o'clock.
  11. Water from a 175' deep well is icy cold in winter.
  12. It takes every large pot and kettle of boiling water to take 'the chill off' of bath water for the children. Rinsing in cool water makes for shiny hair. Rinsing in water straight from the well makes for screaming children, instant blinding head aches and at least two hours of warm up time. Brrrrrrr!
  13. Ice cold showers are just as awful as ice cold baths.
  14. Don't try to shave your legs in ice water - you'll just slice off the goosebumps! If you don't follow this advice, have Band-aids ready - lots of them!
  15. Waking up knowing that the water is not any warmer today than it was yesterday is enough to make you roll over and go back to sleep.
  16. When your dear sweet husband offers to take you all to a hotel with a pool and hot running water - say YES!!!! When he tries to entice you with endless HGTV and a whirlpool bath tub, give in. Don't be stubborn like me!
  17. Watching your husband wash the dishes all by hand is a thing of beauty. Acts of love and service are always a thing of beauty to me.
  18. Keep smiling. Life will resume normalcy shortly - this is but a minor bump on the highway of life. Keep on counting your blessings.

We made a quick decision based on our research and chose the Rinnai water system and it is too be installed tomorrow - it will be an all day kind of thing, and we won't have any water at all for a good part of the day, so I am planning ahead tonight and hoping that all will go well.

Some gals will be getting diamonds for Christmas this year, but this happy Momma will be enjoying a nice hot bath and endless hot water! Ahhhhhhh!


  1. Have a lovely Christmas!!!! And I hope the new water system goes in smoothly!!! I don't think being a pioneer would have been very easy either -- I'm glad for the time I'm in.

  2. We had a pipe burst in the winter and our insurance paid for the hotel that we stayed in. You might want to check and see if yours will do the same!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. i am of the opinion, and no one can convince me otherwise, that one of the best things in life is indoor plumbing and hot water!

    i am glad things are getting back to normal (ie hot water) in your home.

    when i was in cuba on a mission trip the water only became as hot as the sun made it (not as warm as one may think) and i took to showering a part of me at a time ~ rather like the hokey pokey, i put one arm in and took one arm out ...

    cool water may make for shiny hair, but i know that cold water made for very tangled hair ~ at least it did for me.

    merry Christmas, Heather and clan, and may the LORD bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you peace forever.

    there is also an irish blessing along the lines of "may the best day of the previous year be the worst day of this coming year". so, a priestly blessing and an irish blessing from me to your family in the name of our wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ.



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