Thursday, December 20, 2007

In A Lot of Hot Water - or not!

We have had a mysterious 'spot' of moisture on our carpet for about a week- my husband discovered it when he 'really' vacuumed the house last week. I love when he does this - lifting the couch with one hand and vacuuming with the other - there is just something about a helpful hubby that makes my heart hammer! But I digress - back to the spot! At first we thought the kids had spilled a drink of water and not 'fessed up!' - but to be frank, our kids are usually the first to 'tell' on themselves and don't go for the 'cover up', since they know life will just be miserable for them until they tell the truth.

The puddle was under the 'bun' foot of the couch, so my husband got out the little green machine and cleaned up the spot and rid the carpet of the foul odor and got it mostly dry. We were all set to put the couch back a few days later when we noticed it was wet again. We were thinking a leaking roof, a burst pipe in the wall or something ... but that was as far as we got. Somehow life just hasn't been about finding the source of the spot - it been about healing and catching up, and a wee few Christmas surprises in the making!

Tonight my husband began investigating .... the culprit? An ancient hot water tank .... leaking! UGH!!!! Do you remember when our children were plotting the imminent demise of the only non-energy star compliant appliance in the house? Well, I really didn't hope for it to go out just now, but I guess it was inevitable! Now we need to shop for a new hot water heater and we are considering the tankless hot water on demand variety. Any thoughts? My husband has heard really good things about the Rinnai. We plan on being in this house for quite a while I guess, so we might as well get something that will save money in the long run - and if we move, I'm sure the next owners will appreciate our investment - or not!

So .... the gas is turned off, the tank is drained and we have no hot water! Showering is going to be such a thrill in the morning!!!! I've been really pale for the last two weeks - now I'll be pale blue!


  1. Our kids did a recent remodel and bath addition and have the hot water heater you mentioned and LOVE it. Sorry about the timing for you! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Sorry you are without hot water - this is not the right season for that.

    But thankfully the leak was spotted before things got much worse...

    We've been in our house about 11 years and have not had to replace any appliances except the a/c (2 yrs ago) and the stove (1 yr ago)...and actually the stove could have held out awhile longer.

    Thing is - once there is an emergency and you need to replace something - you don't have the luxury of waiting around very long, researching things, calling around and getting price quotes etc.

    Our a/c blew during some of the HOTTEST weather imaginable.

  3. Ha Ha! I like your music by the way...

  4. By the way, the ha ha was for being blue and not the burst pipe!!!

  5. I'm glad you figured out what the problem is, Heather! Yikes! I will pray it gets fixed quickly so you can get your hot water back!

  6. It is one of the things we don't think about much until we are without it---but I actually do often thank the Lord for gloriously warm water!!


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