Thursday, April 28, 2011

So, who do we have here?

It used to be that a visit to the ER meant -  
'Hey, Chum - what are you here for this time?' 
In fact we were on a first name basis with a few of the staff in our local ER - Storyteller was just that accident prone! It's been a long time since we had to take him in for anything - in fact it's been since June 2008 and the popcorn incident that I wrote about HERE which was just 3 months after the paper cut cornea that I wrote about HERE! That's quite a good record, wouldn't you say? 

I'll admit that I was just beginning to breath easy!

(Don't you just love those freckles and sun kisses? I do!)

This morning we broke our record.
Five stitches!
(and I didn't know a soul in the ER)
  It looks small but it was deep - and of course, being a head injury, there was a lot of blood.  My brave boy.   He tripped on the back patio and fell face first on the cement. 
No home school gym this afternoon or baseball practice tonight. 

I am really hoping this is an anomaly and not the beginning of a renewed friendship with the ER staff! 

In fact I've decided to make it a matter of prayer. 
Serious prayer.

I don't know how Mama's survive without God's direction, wisdom, comfort and peace! 
I know that I would be a mess of anxiety, fear, self-doubt and worry.
I love that in every thing that comes up in our family life, whether pleasant or difficult, I can trust our Heavenly Father is working it all out for His glory and our good.

For the next 24 hours we need to keep him out of water, away from sports and alert. We're to keep the stitches slathered in Polysporin to keep it moist and in 5 days the stitches come out.
Should be exciting!

Oh, and Mum and Dad are on their way!  
Tomorrow Dreamer has her Guild Auditions, Saturday if the fields are dry is Opening Day, and Sunday after church is Dreamer's Piano Recital!
I guess I should go out to the Grammy Flat and find the bed ...

maybe crawl in for a wee nap?


  1. Ouchy...I hope ti heals nicely...Poor baby... Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme. I am having a giveaway series over @ Screaming Meme...This week is a slipcover. I hope you get a chance to come by and sign up. And remember to check back to see more wonderful giveaways each week...Hope to see you there!

  2. poor guy!!!! I hope it is the last visit for a long time!!! and I hope you are having a wonderful visit with your parents!


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