Friday, May 20, 2011

Our fly away May!

Once again I've committed a heinous blogging crime - severe blog neglect!  I fully admit that my computer time has been drastically limited lately - I do a quick check of e-mail and my online devotions in the morning, then check my daily Home Sanctuary Small Thing and that's about all I have had time for lately! My Mum has been here for three weeks - an unexpected blessing, but of course things have been extra busy!

A few of you have e-mailed to ask how our Storyteller is healing and so I'll report that he is most disappointed - it doesn't look like he's going to have much of  a scar at all!  So much for his dream of pirate- like good looks! He is wearing a lot of caps and really trying to keep it out of the sun - our pediatrician gave him some pretty strong warnings about sunburn, so he's been quite patient while we slathered on the vitamin E and sunscreen.
He's getting quite a cap collection too, so he's happy!
Our Dreamer was very very happy on May 1st to receive her National Music Award and gold pin for achieving 3  'Superior's' in her first year of piano competitions.  She has worked very hard and made such progress with her music.  He teacher has moved her ahead into Grade 5 piano and is encouraging her to enter an international competition next year.  We're so blessed to see our Dreamer enjoying piano and moving forward so quickly.

I'm only a second year baseball Mommy, but seriously, is there anything worse than having your son pitch?  I can feel the white hairs popping out all over my scalp as I think about all of the possibilities.  First of all, the pressure - I don't know how he does it! The parents in the stands are often the worst at adding pressure, but thankfully we have a good group  of encouragers this year.  Our boy is giving his all, but he has so much to learn.  I hate to think he might hit another boy with a wild pitch - especially after all of the bruises he came home with last year! 
I worry that he'll get it hit right back at him and not be ready.  

I worry too much - I need to pray more!

He loves the game and tonight he is hoping to get a chance at starting pitcher!  
Be still my fearful Mommy heart.

Last weekend we had some very special company - but we didn't get any pictures!  Our Storyteller has a cousin who is exactly 2 days older than him - and 1 1/2" shorter - they measured! We have not seen this family very often, but they are back in our area and came for a short visit on Saturday.
It was so fun to have the boys playing together outside - shooting hoops and tossing the ball.  Storyteller was game for a picture but Cousin J was camera shy, so maybe next time we get together we'll try again.  

 Peas, radishes, lettuce, carrots (hidden by the radishes right now) are all coming so slowly this year - we've had so much rain and so little sunshine.  I'm glad for the growth we've had, but usually by now the peas have blossomed and we've had many fresh cut salads.

 Grow red romaine lettuce - grow!

 The herbs of course need little encouragement 
- they pretty much thrive every summer! 

Mr. Neighbor has been having some health struggles and his family felt it was time to move him to an independent living center closer to their homes.  His house will soon be for sale and we are praying that we will enjoy the blessing of good neighbors once again. 
I feel very badly about not having an excuse to pop through the 'cookie path' in the hedge between our homes to take Mr. Neighbor soup and homemade goodies.
We really miss him but plan to go visit once he is more settled.

This past week we took a break from scurrying to finish our school work for the year to head with dear friends to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery! We always love visiting there! It was Mum's first visit and she was really impressed with all of the hands on activities for kids.

Of course, I was such a bad citizen that I had to be locked away behind bars in the county jails so that I would not harm 'polite society'.  Thankfully the judge was lenient and gave me a reduced sentence. 

Wednesday night we took65 cupcakes for our last AWANA celebration! 
I love AWANA but am always happy for the summer break.

This week also wrapped up Home School Gym at the YMCA - yeah!  The kids both earned their participation certificates and said so long to their friends.

Have you ever played Super Goose 
- it's a giant game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and it was a lot of fun!

Dreamer IS NOT DRIVING ... but doesn't she look sweet? 

Speaking of fun, Poppa bought a little something before he left for home two weeks ago!
He bought a new toy - a '66 Dodge Dart!  
That's why Grammy got to stay for so long - he was planning to come back down and get her and the new car in a few days ... which turned into two weeks because spring is a busy time for pressure washer repairs!  Plans changed and they are actually going to drive the car home!  Poppa arrived after a 17 hour bus trip last night and they plan to meander through the back roads home!

Don't worry - he brought his tools!

So ... in between baseball games, extra ballet practices, and school work we did some shopping, painting, thrifting. 

Last, but not least -

Today is The Historian's Birthday!
I'm sorry I couldn't find a more recent picture - he's about 50# lighter now and it really makes a difference, but this was a good one from last spring when the guys were heading to a Red's game!A very happy day for sure!

I really need to wish my husband a very happy birthday, even though he's being a little funny about this birthday!  Next year, Lord willing he'll reach a milestone - a nice round number divisible by 25 ... This year he just wants to ignore his birthday and the grey hair that's coming in too quickly!

Of course we don't care whit about those grey hairs and fine lines because he's our very favorite Historian and he's just a wonderful man.  He loves God and lives out his faith before us each day - he works hard and loves his job, he's always up for a game of catch in the driveway (or the backyard when it's not too muddy), and he's a thoughtful and caring husband and father.  All he wants for his birthday is good health for me - I so wish I could give that to him, but of course it isn't up to me.

So, now you know how our May has flown so far! Many blessings along with a touch of sorrow, some hard days of pain and worry, sprinkled with lots of laughter, learning and fun, and of course in everything, thanksgiving.


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  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    It is good to read how things are with you and that you've had such a great visit with your parents. =) No deep thoughts but just wanted to let you know that I was glad to see another entry in your blog. =)


  2. Thanks for the catch up on life in your household! Congratulations to the Dreamer for the piano awards!! That's terrific! She is looking so grown up and beautiful! Your garden looks terrific! Mine is not that far along. It could be, but I didn't use miracle grow and everything just sat there until I did. Oh well. It's the third year for this terrible soil and we are making progress, but not enough. :)


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