Friday, April 15, 2011

Doodled Dreams

Last summer flew by in a blur of tendinitis pain and physical therapy appointments,  but we squeezed in some family fun here and there to break up the routine.
Despite the pain, we had so much to be thankful for, and so many little joys to count. 

This summer I have great hopes that I will be well enough to be more intentional with the wonderful gift we call summer.  I know from experience that despite my best intentions, the warm summer months will go by all too quickly, so I decided yesterday that even though my spring housecleaning isn't done I needed to get started.  Between grading tests and spelling dictation yesterday, I dug out my colored pencils and began to doodle.  I know I am no artist, but somehow using a little creativity to express my short list of summer fun plans brought me simple joy.

As we wrap up this school year, prayerfully look ahead to our first year of High School at home for our Dreamer and make plans for the summer, I am praying that we will use our time thoughtfully, not just selfishly pursuing our own comfort and pleasure, but being a blessing to others as well - and I'm pretty sure that could include cranking out a batch or two of homemade frozen custard!
I've been looking through my summer clothes and realized that all of my skirts are boring practical solids and many of Dreamers are too - so that's why I added the funky floral skirt - I need to get sewing! I'm pretty  sure there is something in my fabric stash that will make into a fun cotton summer skirt or two!

Are you summer time dreaming yet?  
What special memories do you hope to make with your family this summer?

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  1. Heather, your doodles are beautiful! I know what you mean about summer - it seems to go by so quickly and we then feel like we didn't do enough as a family. We're planning some day trips and time in the pool. We're also hoping to get some home projects done too. Hope your summer is all you hope it will be!

  2. Heather, that is gorgeous!!!! Honestly, you could sell color photocopies for people to hang up! I would take one!!! Maybe I should have the children each make their own for a school project. I just love it -- something my family (mother/sisters) would do.

  3. Wow, Heather, that looks great!! I think you sell yourself short with the I am not an artist comment!! You are an artist!! Summer sounds great!

  4. I adore your doodles! And like Kerrie-Lee said, you sell yourself short. It's lovely.

    I just hope to do SOMETHING w/my family this summer! With 1 out of the house, all 4 of us working different schedules (& Hubs now working in Columbus :-( ), it will be hard to do very much together. plans are to make the weekends a blessing for my haggered hubby & to try to get together as a family as often as possible.

    By-the-way, you will so enjoy the homeschool high school years. Did you know that I do assessments? And I'm CHEAP! lol

    Blessings, Kim<><

  5. Well, I am hoping a certain someone living in Ohio will be able to come to North Bay this summer so we can continue a tradition of a great chat and enjoying some ice-cream (or other yummy treat) at the Green Store while we look out over beautiful Trout Lake.

    I will be home-schooling Sweetpea through the summer with a week off here and there and having a 4 day school week. I will also be taking courses at Brock U. through distance ed (a biology course and a therapeutic recreation course) and hopefully working part time as well. I think that will pretty much take up the summer and I am also hoping for a couple of trips to Guelph and for my sister and her family to be here as well. All and all it's pretty busy. However, I love the summer time! Hot days and lemonade make for great times =)

    I hope you are well.



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