Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bird's nests and blooms amid the storms

Dreamer and I have been hard at work - playing!  We've been inspired by Christie from Shabby Soul and her sweet Bird's Nest Bobby Pins!  She made an easy tutorial to follow and we did - but we might have gotten a bit carried away!  
Making tiny nests can be ... addicting!

  I've 'packaged them' for my gift drawer so that they are right ready to grab when the occasion arises!  This is the time of year when having a little 'something' on hand is helpful - so many of our classes and groups are ending and it's nice to give a little homemade thank-you to express appreciation.

 Of course, I had to make a set for myself too!  We used a bronze wire for ours to more closely resemble nests and I think they turned out nicely!

Dreamer took this picture of her collection of nest jewelery - she made the bronze necklace and matching earrings, the gold and pearl earrings, and the green egg earrings.  I made her the silver nest and put it on a chain. She loves jewelery and actually remembers to wear it so it's nice to have expanded her collection.
She's working on a surprise for Grammy who loves jewelry also!

Our other inspiration comes from Emily Jones from Jones Design Company and her great tutorial for melted Satin Flowers - they are so fun and easy to make!  We've gone back to Hobby Lobby twice for more satin.  It costs about $.40 to make 5 flowers, but it is a bit time consuming.  The cheap Hobby Lobby Satin does not go up in flames like some of the other satins we tried and 1/8th of a yard makes 5 multi-petaled blooms! 

Again I put them on cardstock and placed them in my gift drawer for future gift giving!  Sometimes it is just nice to have something on hand to add to another gift - and these make great package bows too!

We combined our two inspirations and made a Blooming Bobby Pin with a smaller satin rose and the bobby pin with a bezel.  Very sweet!

You might wonder how I've had so much time for playing, since I was supposed to tackle the spring cleaning before Opening Day ...  good question!  
Well, this heavy cold has really zapped my energy for cleaning - in fact I've been doing a great deal of loafing about!  I'm now on antibiotics for strep throat so that's making me a wee bit goofy (yes, more so than usual!) and unable to handle dangerous machinery 
- that includes the vacuum, right? 
Of course it doesn't include the hot glue gun ...

Storms ...

Looking out our front room window we have the perfect view of the storm fronts that have been rolling through the area daily.  Our yard is so wet, partly underwater in fact.  The gardens are a mess - the only thing thriving is the dandelions!  To the south and west of of us tornadoes are causing much damage, so the inconvenience of muddy  feet, closed roads and a soggy garden are nothing much at all.  

Watching these storm fronts roll through simply remind us 
of the majesty and power of God and our smallness. 
We're thankful for the storms, thankful for our safety, 
thankful for another opportunity to trust.

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  1. So sorry you are sick, I had strep throat last week. It is terrible, but I feel much better now!

  2. Thank you Regina - I am glad you are feeling better - so far the antibiotics are just making me sleepy and the sore throat is just a smidgen better - but I have great hopes for a quick recovery!

  3. I wore hair pins similar to that to Stephanie's wedding. I gave them to her just a few years ago. Yours are lovely!

    It has been a stormy and soggy spring here, too.

  4. I've been so inspired by Emily Jones' blog since you pointed me her way! I would love to try the satin flowers sometime.....


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