Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Minute Beauty

Tuesday afternoon we got a call from my very favorite one and only Uncle L and his lovely wife Aunt J who are on their way home from two months in Florida.  
They wanted to come for an overnight visit - Wednesday! 
Company is always welcome, of course, but only if you're willing to take us as you find us!
We did a super quick cleaning (some stashing in closets too),  a quick trip to grocery, unburied the guest bed (Mount Ironmore lives there these days) and put on fresh lavender scented sheets and decided we were pretty much ready - or as ready as we'd ever be!

Then I looked at the dying Amaryllis on the table and decided that it was  well beyond time to get rid of it!  It's been a marvel - 4 feet tall and such prolific foliage, 
but sadly well beyond the blooming stage.
We were watching the former flowers swell as they made seeds, 
but it wasn't the prettiest science experiment!

A quick trip back to the grocery  where I scooped up three hot pink primroses in little plastic pots for $1.99 each.  I grabbed a galvanized pail and put an old plate in the bottom to 'boost up'  the pot and catch any water (the pail has seen better days) . I stuffed some dyed moss around the edges, plunked it on a vintage doily in the middle of our table and sighed
*now* we were ready.

This morning they left early for the last leg of their journey home
after a really nice though short visit!
It's always a blessing to be hospitable and now we get to enjoy our
little bit of 'two minute beauty' and remember the nice visit we all enjoyed!
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