Monday, February 21, 2011

Cookbook: The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen

 We've been so blessed by all of the care and concern you've shown while our Historian has been unwell.  Thank you for praying for our little family. I'm happy to report that he is doing well and recovering from surgery.  He is still not able to drive and is sore and tender, but he is healing up nicely. He is home from work and just today has felt well enough to tidy and sort papers and books in his office - no heavy lifting of course (10# limit right now). We were able to attend church yesterday - not for the whole morning, but for the worship service, and that was our first family outing since coming home from the hospital Thursday.  He was very tired after and slept for 3 hours, but it was good to just get out and see our church family again.

For my special day, the Historian perused my Amazon wishlist
and ordered a few books for me! He knows me well!
So far my favorite one is The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much! I was on the waiting list at the library for this book for months so I know it is popular - I was so happy to receive it! I love the old time items used everyday 
- it's close to home for me!  I love surrounding myself with simple old kitchen utensils and cookbooks from yesteryear - they remind me of quieter times and my Nanny's kitchen.

The recipes I've used so far are great - comfort foods made with easily obtained everyday ingredients and a little something 'extra' to bring it up a notch. Today I made 'Cheesy Potato Soup' and it was a real hit.  I reduced the fat by using less butter and skim milk cheese and it was still creamy and good. Everyone commented on the nice basil accent. My old recipe uses bacon, sour cream and heavy cream, so this was a good alternative for a family
trying to watch those fat grams!
I also made the 'Maple Oat Scones' and they were quite popular - and amazingly filling. The kids loved the glaze and it really kept them moist. I plan to cut them smaller next time. I made the 'Crunchy Granola' for snacking and 'Nancy's Nutmeg Coffee Cake' to share - all very good!  I love it when I can look through a cookbook and find 5 or more recipes to try right away!  I think I could cook through this whole book and my family would love every  bite!  

Today was the kind of day where I just really wanted to crawl back into bed and start the week tomorrow, but of course, we had schoolwork to do!  We got through everything, got to piano lessons and ballet and I even ran a few errands despite the nasty icy roads.  I guess I'm glad I didn't go back to bed! I have a feeling that the public school kids will have the day off tomorrow since the ice/sleet /hail and freezing rain is still coming down! With all of last week's interruptions and the the week of sickness that the kids had, we need to push on and get caught up in our schedule a bit!  Maybe if it's still nasty tomorrow I'll bake one of the great looking pies in 'The Farm Chicks' and we'll celebrate - spring is just around the corner!

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  1. Just curious regarding who won the giveaway of black and white goodies you made!

  2. love love love that book!!!

  3. GG - Becky - comment #8 won my giveaway! Sorry to have overlooked letting you all know. It's been a bit crazy here!

  4. I had just bought it when it first came out when Stephanie visited and fell in love with it. So, I sent it back to New England with her and Elisabeth loves to read through it.

    I was reading through it again when we visited her last October and realized I had to use Amazon credit to buy myself another copy. I love it!

    My library had her Christmas book on the New Nonfiction shelf recently and I brought it home to peruse. It has less recipes but a lot of very good crafting ideas.

  5. Very glad that the HIstorian is mending well. I hope he gains more strength quickly. Your baking sounds so delicious! My mom and I are wanting a shoofly pie and I recently saw a maple shoofly pie which I must try.


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