Friday, March 4, 2011

Company Girl Coffee 03/04

 Welcome Company Girls and anyone else who is dropping by today!  
Come in out of the rain and get warm.  
It's cold and damp here and I am just about to make another pot of nice hot tea
to go with a snickerdoodle  cookie or two!
The children are finished their  schoolwork for the week and we've been out to rent a movie, visit the library and run an errand and now we are home sweet home.

We've had a good week, though I have struggled with a super sore throat all week.  The Historian is back to work and doing really well.  We enjoyed some last minute company which was an unexpected blessing. We didn't get to AWANA and Youth on Wednesday night as we had hoped, but we only see our Oshawa family every few years so it was important to stay home and visit with them.

We are in quite a mess here - three 'messes' in fact!  The Historian has spent most of the last month at home doing a lot of resting and recuperating with this gall bladder problems but in between times he has attacked his office and the adjacent storage closet with zeal.  He is sorting, organizing, filing and thinning and it is a huge  job.  I haven't told him yet, but I am hoping once it is done to move all of the bookcases away from the walls and re-paint his office.  His office is really coming along nicely, but there is a big pile of stuff that needs a new home.

In the playroom it looks like a fabric store threw up - neatly stacked fabric covers the table and chairs in there.  I emptied 'my' craft storage closet to install more shelves and then we didn't get to it!  It takes too much energy to put everything back only to remove it again when we do get to that project, so there the fabric sits.  I've been sorting and putting aside fabric I've been given that just isn't my taste - it's going in the giveaway pile. I can't wait to have new shelves in the closet to keep my 'stash' in better order.

The last area is actually our first project - the Storyteller's  room.  The Historian took the pine paneling off the outside wall of his room and put insulation in which has dramatically warmed his formerly drafty room.  He put that paneling back in the fall but took paneling off a small wall in an alcove of Storyteller's room.  We had an electrician wire the wall for lights and outlets and we've hung and mudded dry wall on that wall.  That's where the project has stalled - first by Christmas, then illness.  The plan is to make the alcove into a 'dugout' with a storage bench seat, nicely padded for our avid reader/sports fan. Last weekend the cabinets we ordered finally came in and we had hoped that  we would be all ready just to install them, but we are not.  Thankfully Storyteller has been very patient, but his room is a terrible mess!

 I think we might have learned a lesson about not taking on so many projects at once! We've got to get these wrapped up before baseball season and gardening season begins.  The big stacks of mulch are already in at the garden center, so I know it will soon be time to plant and get busy outside.

Our Dreamer is a nervous wreck - poor thing!  She has made such an improvement in her piano lessons this year that she has been invited to be involved in a music competition tomorrow.  She has never done anything like this and she is very shy about playing for others, but she has practiced so much and is very well prepared.  The hard part is that it will be a very early trip to the city for us in the morning.   I am sure she will do just fine, but it's the unknown that has her stressing.  This afternoon I am letting the children just play and have fun together, hoping to take her mind off her worries.

Well, it's time to rest a bit before I start supper,
but I'm so glad you dropped in for a visit!

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  1. I am always like that too...starting too many projects. I'm glad to hear that the Historian is back on his feet. Good luck to Dreamer on the competition tomorrow! I'm sure she will do the best that she can. Have a wonderful weekend, and have a safe trip tomorrow morning.

  2. I hpoe the piano competition went well!
    I always seem to want to start the projects, lately they don't seem to be getting further than the to do list. Good luck getting them finished!


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