Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three alarm day

Our three alarm day ate my blogging time, so I haven't finished my Daylight Savings Survival post.  That's o.k. though because I'm sure no one is waiting with bated breath.

There was a lot of holding our breath around here today though!  The laundry room  toilet decided to clog badly and overflow a really nasty mess unto the tile floor.   
Alarm # 1
I'm giving thanks for the ugly white tile floor, for lots of cleaning rags, for sweet smelling candles, good strong cleaners, and the sanitize cycle on our new washing machine - which I ran TWICE.

Since I generally leave all the really smelly most plumbing issues to the Historian who was blessedly but inconveniently at work, I am quite inexperienced with ye old plunger. I gave it the old college try.  It worked, but the resulting shower of disgusting water landed squarely on me.

Alarm # 2

I'm giving thanks for hot hot showers, good strong soap, an abundance of shampoo, fluffy clean towels, clean clothes and the ability to hold my breath.
Getting my day back on track was not an easy task.  I decided that no makeup and the 'natural look' for my hair was going to have to be just fine since I didn't have energy for re-doing my morning routine.  I decided when the going gets tough, the tough get cooking and proceeded to the kitchen for a little baking therapy.  I was just getting into some wonderful radio ministry and choosing a few new recipes to try - that's when I heard the dog scratching the sun room door. Suddenly there was silence and I peeked around the corner to see the door wide open and Bailey was no where in sight!!!
Alarm #3

I'm giving thanks for our car stupid dog - even when she causes me stress, for a tank full of gas to drive around the neighborhood for an hour calling for her until we were hoarse, for the presence of mind to turn the oven down so dinner didn't burn, for the Historian who answered our distress call and rushed home to help us look, and for Bailey the dog who had the good sense to come on home without being hit by a car on our busy road or picked up by the doggie police. 

I'm quite sure it's time for another hot shower and bed! 
After I wash the laundry room floor again - and hug the dog.

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  1. Hurray for Bailey returning home safe and sound, and I hope your evening is peaceful girl! You need some tranquil hours.

  2. What a day! Very sorry about the toilet troubles. Not fun at all. Yes, glad that you had a good hot shower for afterward.


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