Friday, January 21, 2011

Company Girl Coffee 01/21

Brrrrrrrrrr!  Come in out of the cold!  Isn't the sunshine a blessing today?  It looks so pretty bouncing off the snow!  Our yard is full of diamonds! It's very very cold today - it has warmed up to -10 C or about 10 F - much warmer than it was when I got out of the shower!  I am hoping we don't have any problems with frozen water pipes in our crawl space, but usually that only happens when the cold sticks around for a while! 

 It's been a long while since I had the Company Girls over for coffee - too long! We made a batch of homemade marshmallows last night and they are so  yummy!  I'll just throw a few into a nice hot cup of cocoa if you'd like!  I just had a cup myself and it was wonderful!

We've had a lot of visitors lately - of the fine feathered friend variety.  This winter has been  hard on the birds I think, but they are enjoying daily meals at our feeders.  Word has gotten around and the feeders are always busy.  Dreamer is filling them - sometimes twice a day! I love having the feeders in just the right spot to see them from the kitchen window this winter!  I know we'll have to move them back to their usual  spot in the spring unless we want our cars to be 'bombed' daily, but for now it is so much fun!

We are keeping busy with lots of good schoolwork, daily minimum maintenance around the house and we have a few other home projects on the go.   Every week we have piano, ballet, basketball practice, AWANA, Youth, Homeschool Gym at the YMCA and church on Sunday.  Tomorrow basketball games are starting and our Storyteller is very very very excited!  Dreamer is preparing for a piano competition so she is filling our home with music - she has never competed before so she is a bit nervous, but excited!  She is stretching out - she has grown more than an inch over the last month and she is slimming down too - we thrifted some smaller jeans for her a few weeks ago and they are already too big. 
She is doing Wii Fit everyday and loving it!

The Historian has had a huge project at work and he is really enjoying it, though he is coming home very tired.   The Local History Library received a sizable gift as well as a grant and they were able to purchase much needed equipment, as well as enough heavy duty  steel shelving to organize the whole archived collection in the basement!  He is putting together the shelves on his own time since the library is short of help, but he's enjoying seeing his plans come together.  He also just finished  another online university course and is starting another one in just over a week!  Always lots to do!

This week I had a lovely young bride from church come to the house for a half day of freezer cooking - at the end of the day I was  extremely tired, but so glad to have had her come.  She was struggling with meal planning and preparation - and burning almost every meal. We made oodles of Mama Joy's Meatballs, a huge pot of Minestrone Soup , three big meat pies using an old French Canadian Tortiere recipe, and three beef noodle casseroles for the freezer.  Can you tell the lean ground beef was on sale?  We used 12 pounds all together! We sent her home with enough to feed her and her hubby for at least a week with leftovers for lunches since they both work full time.  
I shared with her how I plan menus and do mini freezer cooking days, and also how to make healthier  choices at the grocery store and save a bit of $$$.  I shared how helpful C.O.S.T. cooking is to me (cook once, serve twice), how planned leftovers save us about $1500 per year on the Historian's lunches, and how to prepare meals in minutes by pre-cooking or marinating meats before freezing them.  It was fun!  I hope she'll come again when chicken is on sale and learn about bread making basics and maybe make noodles with us! 
I had all my favorite recipes with pictures and all of my 'tips' written out for her, but for some reason the document became 'corrupted' while I was trying to save it on a flash drive and it is gone! I'll have to start again and re-write my thoughts.  Hopefully they will be a help!

Well, we've got a lot to do today!  Keeping warm is first on the list and this isn't the warmest room in the house! We're just doing the basics as far as school is concerned and I hope to get to Home Depot for some on sale containers to organize the ever  growing Playmobil collection! The Storyteller is struggling with some hard verses in his AWANA book, so I'd better go give him a hand. Dreamer has out the white board and she's trying to help him!  
Such a good big sister!

Can you tell what else has been on my mind - it's almost time to start my seeds under the grow lights! Do you think they will have the starting trays and seed display out at Home Depot yet? I hope so!  I don't need any trays, but I could start a few herbs ...

Thank you so much for dropping by for a visit today - it's always fun to have the Company Girls for a visit!  Keep warm and well!

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  1. What a lovely entry and you made the Hot Choc. look most inviting. I'm a big "make a lot and freeze it" kind of gal, always have been. Just this morning I made about a gallon and a half of gumbo and will freeze several containers of it for future use or to share with someone else. I love having a stash in our freezer to go to. :o)

    Enjoyed the visit, always good to meet another Company Gal. Blessings!

  2. Wow, I enjoyed my visit here!
    1. Hot cocoa is the best.
    2. I love to use leftovers but the COST idea will help me be more intentional about it.
    3. I was just thinking about starting some seeds indoors. (Although we don't get near as cold here in TX as what you have, you can't count frosts out until at least late March.)
    4. It's sunny here, too! Yay!

  3. Yes, we woke up to -15 wind chills!

    I'm glad I got a lot done earlier this week, the very cold weather affects the way I feel.

    Thinking good thoughts of spring here, too. :)

  4. Wow, a lot of things going on over there. Can you imagine living in the old days when there were no heaters or even insulation? =p I would not survive. We're in the 50sF over here, which is warm for lately (a few weeks ago it was 30*F during the day), but it is unusually cold for these parts, and for me. I'm just a cold weather wuss. The freezer cooking sounds lovely. I'm sure it was much appreciated. Have a lovely weekend. Stay warm.

  5. My kids LOVE the Wii Fit! It is a great way for them to get some exercise during the grey months. My four year old gets really into the boxing. It's so funny to watch!

    I'm going to do a batch of freezer chicken and bean burritos tomorrow. They make great lunches, or pull out more for dinner.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I'd love to hear/read some of your freezer recipes and $$$ saving ideas. As always, enjoyed my visit to your place of quiet rest.

  7. UGH!-10!?! And I'm whining about a little snow...good thing I live in the south, I guess! Love your freezer meals ideas. I did that for awhile. Now I'm on my healthy kick and my family is just having to suffer through all my vegan experiments. I am determined to find a few meals they actually like! Have a great weekend!

  8. You have so much wisdom to share in the kitchen. How wonderful for your friend to be able to come over and learn from you!!! Maybe in future years she will share with someone else!


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