Thursday, January 20, 2011

By every word

Our children know I love words, but do they 
know that I love The Word? 
Too often days stretch into weeks between the times they see me
reaching for the Word just for my own nourishment.
  Not for school, not for AWANA, not for correction, not for copywork, but just for me.
My Bible is always handy, but it isn't always open. 

I want to change that.

We chose a phrase to inspire our family this year.
by every word

It speaks to so many issues for all of us.

Believing the Word
Living the Word
Knowing the Word
Sharing the Word

We're starting with learning  Ephesians 4 because that's what's been speaking to our hearts. It's a good place to start memorizing the Word as a family. 
There are 32 verses - the perfect length to establish a right habit. 
Memorizing short portions of God's Word has been a part of our family life from the beginning, but it is time to go deeper and develop this habit as a daily life skill.

We teach the children to make their beds, bring their laundry, brush their teeth, tidy their rooms, read good books, get along with others, help around the house, take care of pets, go to church, love God, respect their elders, save money, study their lessons, and live by the Golden Rule.

Perhaps we've assumed they will pick up a meaningful prayer life and a  love for learning God's Word on their own just because they are being raised in a believing home.

We need to be more intentional, and I need to be a better example.
They've seen Daddy with his Bible open most mornings, though he's getting up earlier these days and is often finished before they are up.  They've seen us open the Word together after dinner  several nights each week. They've seen me do my homework for ladies Bible study.

Now we'll strive side by side to learn

by every word


  1. Good word...and so true...I think the word that jumps out at me from the post is "intentional"...I think they will just get it too many times, and forget to discipline myself to intentionally make sure they do!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent words of wisdom Heather. I too need to open my copy of God's Word more often when my children can see me drink in everything it has for me that day. I have joined a new Bible Study and am excited to see what the Lord has for me there. I just started devotions with the girls again this morning before beginning our lessons for the day. We have gotten away from it and need to return.

    Thank you for this gentle, sweet reminder.


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