Monday, January 3, 2011

Company Girl Small Thing: Homekeeping Mission Statement

Today Rachel Anne Ridge challenged the Company Girls to write a simple Homekeeping Mission Statement to start the year with a measurable target. I'm not so good at keeping things simple, but it was a good exercise for me to organize my thoughts and come up with a simple plan of action. I thought I'd share my thoughts here and invite you to join the Company Girls in making our homes a sanctuary, one 'Small Thing' at a time!

Heather's Homekeeping Mission Statement

While a breathtaking field of wildflowers may at first appear to be a thoughtless riot of spectacular colors, we know that God has a plan even for the lilies of the field. He has ordered their blooms to bring glory to Himself. In our home our intention is to reflect our love for God and for one another, and to bring glory to our Heavenly Father. My experience proves that dirt, clutter and chaos impede our ability to run our home in a relaxed and happy manner.

To combat  the inevitable smudges and dust bunnies I will strive to continue daily Minimum Maintenance. I will do as much as I am able on each of my 'good health' days, without feeling the pressure to 'do it all'. Together the children and I will continue to do a weekly deep clean on Friday afternoons when our school work is completed for the week. I will work to bring a sense of order and beauty to our home by providing a place for everything and re-training the whole family to put things in their place. That includes me!

I will continue to share my vision for sanctuary, beauty and order with our children by engaging them in helping willingly with the daily tasks required to make our home healthfully clean,  comfortably cozy and genuinely welcoming. I will encourage their efforts and work to instill in them the satisfaction of a doing their daily work with cheerfulness. We will laugh together as we work and look for blessings behind every life lesson.
My prayer is that when our children are grown they will remember our home as a safe haven of peace filled with music and laughter. They will fondly recall a place where they were loved unconditionally and where God's presence was felt in the everyday business of family life.

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  1. beautiful mission statement

  2. What a wonderful idea! My new plan for this year is to limit my social engagements to every other week. That way I'm not resenting getting together with people, I can actually look forward to it because I know I have a week to rest and rejuvenate. And, I think it might help me get some cleaning goals done on the weeks where I don't schedule any people. Anyway, we'll see how it goes, but already it's working wonders on my peace of mind.

  3. You are saying right God has a plan for every creature and little thing too. Wonderful idea refer by you. Thanks a lot for it, I like it very much. Urn for Ashes


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