Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soup love

Almost every Tuesday during the winter months I make a nice pot of homemade soup.  Today I made 'Looking for Mr. Good Barley' from a recipe my friend Laura gave to me!  We all love it! Mr. Neighbor is always happy to get a jar full as well, so that makes it perfect.

  As I was preparing the soup, I had a huge pan of $1.88/ lb. natural boneless chicken breasts in the oven sprinkled with herbs from last summer's garden.  I cubed it all and froze it for future fast suppers - poppy seed chicken casserole, wraps, chicken salad, and of course - more soup! I hope to go back later in the week for more since it is such a good deal for drug free chicken.

While the oven was hot I slipped in some yams that needed to be used - Dreamer requested Sweet Potato Bread, so I cooked them all.  I also made two big loaves of Banana Bread since the oven was on anyway!  My poor Storyteller was so enticed by all of the good smells he could hardly focus on his work, but work he did!  Since God was blessing us with a wonderful bounty of snow, he wanted to be done with school and get outside - by 1:45 he was out!


The Historian thoughtfully put the bird feeders at the side of the driveway this fall where I can see the goings on while I wash dishes and prepare meals.  Today we were treated to the 'Puffed Up Dove Convention' and later the Blue Jays joined, along with a number of Cardinals and smaller birds.  They looked so very cold.  Dreamer kept the feeders filled and they  feasted quite well.


Storyteller took these pictures of the convention for me - he is learning that he takes better pictures when he holds still! So hard for a naturally caffeinated 10 year old boy!

 Do you see those feet?  They are never  still!

Speaking of our Storyteller, did I tell you all that he has started Upward Basketball?  He is so excited!  He is loving that he is the tallest boy on the team.  He is learning a lot and has decided to supplement his coach's training with 20 books about basketball from the library.  Just like his total immersion into baseball last spring and summer, he is now absorbing everything he can about his new favorite sport.  Of course since we don't have t.v., books are his only source of information.  I recently learned that though he is reading very well, we need to work on his 'sounding out' skills a little bit more ...

Together we were running an errand yesterday while Dreamer was at lessons - this is how the conversation unfolded:

'Mommy there's a basketball player that sounds more like a soup than a man!'
'Um. O.K.  What do you mean Bud?'
'His name is Cream of Badulajar!'
'Cream of Bad-ula-jar???'
'Yup!  What was his Mama thinking when she named him? What kind of name is Cream of Bad-ula-jar? Doesn't it sound like a soup to you?"
'When  did he play basketball and who did he play for?'
'The Lakers in the 70's - He was in my library book!'
'Ahhh! (lightbulb moment for Mama) Wait a minute Chum - was his name (slowly) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?'
'Yeah - that's what I said!'
'Oh Bud -  His name is Ka-reem Ab-dul Jab-bar and his Mama named him Lew - he chose Kareem.'
'He musta really liked soup!'
He really should NOT tickle my funny bone when I'm driving!  I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard! 

That boy does love his soup - and it's a very good thing since he is over 5' at 10 years old and I will likely need to pour vast quantities of homemade soup into him to fill him up when he reaches or surpasses the 6' mark!

Keep warm and well, dear friends!
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  1. That is so funny. I also cooked a large pkg. of deboned chicken breast last week and I just pulled one of them out of the freezer to make poppyseed chicken tonight. :)

  2. There is something wonderfully comforting about a good poppy seed chicken casserole on a cold winters night! It's definitely a favorite at our house!

  3. That's hilarious about Kareem! Thanks for starting my morning off with a chuckle. And those soups look delicious!

  4. The puffed up birds are so cute!!! Love that picture. And your soups look so good I want to eat them. We had some sausage chicken kale soup this week which was yummy.

  5. YUM soups! I love soups in the winter, but unfortunately my family doesn't. I do fix them pretty often, but not as often as I would like. Love the bird photos!


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