Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making the change

"Everyone appreciates the long, light evenings. Everyone laments their shortage as Autumn approaches; and everyone has given utterance to regret that the clear, bright light of an early morning during Spring and Summer months is so seldom seen or used." -William Willett (1857-1915), "The Waste of Daylight" 1907

Many people intensely dislike the beginning or ending of Daylight Saving Time, and our children are among them! They really don't worry about the inconvenience of changing our many clocks, because, as everyone knows - that's the Daddy's job! Adjusting to a new sleep schedule is what they have a hard time with, along with being hungry at all of the wrong times. For us, this is a mere nuisance, but we feel sorry for some people with sleep disorders who find this transition very difficult indeed.

We decided long ago that making the transition slowly was the best idea for our family. Dreamer was just a toddler when we first figured this out. The seasons when we have been too busy and forgotten to implement the 'turn back the clock schedule' by increments of 15 minutes for the four days prior to the official time change, have often been the most frustrating weeks of our school year. It's no wonder that there are more serious accidents and on the job injuries after the time change - along with a decrease of productivity - we're all half asleep! It is better to ease into the change for us - and that's why I thought I'd share this with you!

We don't actually mess with the clock until the time change officially takes place, but we do start thinking towards earlier meal times, snack times and bed times. This year DST ends at 2:00 AM on November 1st. With this in mind, we are working on this schedule:

  1. Wednesday, October 28 - Lunch at 11:45, Snack at 2:45, Supper at 5:45, Bed at 8:15
  2. Thursday, October 29 - Lunch at 11:30, Snack at 2:30, Supper at 5:30, Bed at 8:00
  3. Friday, October, 30 - Lunch at 11:15, Snack at 2:15, Supper at 5:15, Bed at 7:45
  4. Saturday, October 31 - Lunch at 11, Snack at 2, Supper at 5, and Bed at 7:30

Our normal daily routine is: Lunch at 12 noon, Snack at 3pm, Supper at 6pm, and Bedtime (for the children) at 8:30 - Storyteller goes to bed at 8:15, and Dreamer gets to read until 8:45, usually.

Breakfast happens at different times, but after dressing and morning chores are done, we eat and get started with school. We really need to keep on schedule for our Storyteller - he becomes somewhat irritable and suffers from terrible tummy aches when he doesn't eat every few hours. The problem is, he has very little interest in eating, so the schedule reminds me to slice a banana, or other fruit and put it in front of him each and every day, or he suffers tummy clutching, rolling on the floor kind of discomfort. Never a good thing.

If we follow the time change schedule, by the time we awaken Sunday morning, we should be all adjusted to the new time and not be put off by the changes too much. Often we turn Saturday breakfast into a 'Historian Special' brunch and make the day fun that way. Saturday is the hardest day to keep the routine, but we try because we know it works well for us. We will do all of our Saturday night routine in preparation for Sunday, to be ready for the Lords' day as usual. If you'd like to read about our routine you can go here and maybe get inspired to customize a routine for your own family - if you don't already have one! Since we do not celebrate the big candy grab of October 31st, we usually just pop some popcorn, play games and enjoy a quiet evening together.

Don't forget ...
Change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clocks - more than 90 percent of homes in the United States have smoke detectors, but one-third are estimated to have dead or missing batteries.

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  1. They actually don't do daylight savings time here in Arizona! That fact was very hard to get used to this summer when everyone else was changing their clocks, and preparing for longer days!! I've decided it is because we have enough daylight here, we don't need to "save" it! ;) But, should we ever move back to an area that does change the clocks, I love your gradual plan!! That would most definitely make it easier on my little one - who thrives on schedule and routine like her mama! :)


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