Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Welcome

A warm fall welcome to you!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting the moms from our homeschool co-op for a relaxed evening of fellowship and food. My 'Mom's night Out' committee partner, Mrs. S, and I, wanted to give the mom's a chance to just talk and enjoy one another's company in a warm setting, so we chose a cafe theme for the evening. Since hot chocolate bars are usually a big hit, we named our cafe Le Cafe chaud de Chocolat!

We had lots of different things to add to the basic homemade hot chocolate - like shaved chocolate, crushed mints, homemade raspberry sauce, chocolate syrup, and my caramel sauce. I put out some instant coffee packets, real whip cream and of course, marshmallows too! The ladies had fun combining different flavors - and some of their drinks were works of art!

Our cold beverage choices were fresh pressed cider and ice water - which we needed to counteract all of the sweet treats!

I loaded up my counter with yummy things to eat - it was so much fun preparing things that I thought the mom's would enjoy. Mrs. S was to share in the baking and preparation, but illness hit hard and fast at her home, and so she wasn't able to come - such a shame! We missed her! We'll have fun doing things together for the next one, I'm sure!

What did we eat ? Well, let's see ... chocolate covered strawberries, two bite brownies, chocolate cheese ball with graham cracker sticks, candied pecans, mini spicy pumpkin bundt cakes, pumpkin dip and ginger snaps, hot apple cheddar pie dip with crackers, and walnut bars.

I was so happy when the Historian brought home a shock of corn and a bale of straw - it made my outdoor decorations really simple to throw together! Of course, the leaves were all swept up before our guest arrived, but our trees are dropping leaves every minute, so it needs to be swept again! I used outdoor rice lights to highlight the corn - it really makes it glow at night!

The big black urn is a Goodwill find - it was full of really red fake poinsettias for Christmas, but I have other plans for it. For now the grapevine pumpkin and some leaves, but later, I will fill it with branches and have some fun!

I finally made a new wreath for the side door this year - I forced myself to do it by giving away all of my old fall wreaths last year!! I needed the push to get creative and do something new - and it was nice to know that the little church I gave them to really appreciated them.

I decided that the Grammy Flat porch door needed a wreath too - it had to be small to fit between the doors, but it sure brightened up the porch. Yesterday I sat out there for a bit and enjoyed the lovely weather - just wonderful!

I have always struggled with having to make front door wreathes that would fit between the storm doors, but this year I took a page from Manuela's book and hung it on the outside of the storm door! Since this door is rarely used, I was able to wire this together - for easier 're-purposing' another season!

I love the way the fall color's 'pop' against our red door! So much fun!

Just inside the front door I put some candles out - and my Pilgrim people! They will be in a more prominent place at Thanksgiving time!

I just realized that everything in this picture was either thrifted (and painted) or inherited, except the ribbon on the lampshade! Too funny!

On the same old black dresser inside the front door I just had some fun with old books, a tiny urn and, of course - pumpkins!

I used the cloth pumpkins that I made last year from scraps of upholstery fabrics on the mantle - but I'm not completely happy with how they look so I'll take some time to play with on the weekend if I get some inspiration!

See? It just needs something - but I haven't decide exactly what!

I love the way the big 'HARVEST" sign my Mum gave me looks over our t.v. cabinet! She and I saw it at a favorite store - off season clearance! This is the first time I've used it and I love it!

It was such a fun night - only about 1/4 of the moms from our group were able to come, but that's fine - though there were quite a few leftovers! I sent home some doggie bags and we've enjoyed having some sweet treats too! Maybe next time more will come - I hope so!

Thanks for dropping by!

Happy Fall!

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  1. You are so good at decorating -- those wreaths are gorgeous!! ANd your mom's night sounds so good -- I would love to come to an event in your home. I'm so glad you had energy to do it (yesterday I was really wiped from my event, but I think I might have been fighting something off on top of all the effort). The pumpkin dip and the chocolate cheese ball, etc. sound amazing- - have never had those. Maybe you'll have to post some recipes.... :)

  2. love your door wreath...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  3. Hi Heather! Wow! Everything looks so lovely! I'm sure the ladies who came were delighted with your beuatiful warm, welcoming home! I love to put on events, too! Pampering my friend is just something I enjoy so much! Love all of your wreaths, too...another thing I love to do--make wreaths!!

    It was so gracious of you to be the hostess for this! May God multiply the blessings you gave right back to you!!

    Have a joyful Thursday!

  4. Everything is beautiful!

    Don't you love seeing things cheap at Goodwill, knowing you can use them for other purposes?

  5. Just dropped in to say howdy from Italy. I have arrived at D ] B.s finally Boy what worriers my girls are.

    Couldnt touch base cause my technology didn't work well at all and the time change threw me off. . . . however, im her

    W#hat a wonderful job on the coffe party. Hope there were some encourageing comments. Heather, your too much love ya!

  6. Your fall decorating is beautiful. I just had a thought about your fireplace where you wanted something more. I think one of Nester's rag garland things in fall colors draped across the front of the mantle would look great and might give it the finishing touch you were looking for, just a thought.They are really easy to make and since you sew you might have scraps without buying anything. Just a thought. Have a great day!


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